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WUJS Israel

Young Judaea’s WUJS Intern is a 5-month internship program that gives your resume the unique and international competitive edge to stand out among any crowd.  You’ll combine a tailor-made professional internship in the field of your choice with living like a local in beautiful Israeli apartments in Tel Aviv or Haifa.

Internship options include: high tech, medical research, journalism, marketing, human rights, politics, finance, photography, film production, visual arts and more! In addition to our internships, you will have access to a regular Hebrew language course, monthly field trips, overnight hikes, and meetings with Israeli peers. For every day that you intern, your lunch will be covered with a food allowance, making your internships experience even more affordable.

Trying to come to Israel without breaking the bank? Our WUJS Haifa location starts at just $4950 before any Masa Scholarship! This makes it one of the cheapest internship opportunities on the market!

If you are Interested in earning college credits, find out about the WUJS Academic Arts Track.

In addition to the Masa Israel grant, WUJS provides generous scholarships, with Young Judaea alumni eligible for further discounts.

Check here for a list of all of our previous internship placements. Don’t see what you are looking for? We will find something new for you!

Are you ready for the journey? Browse WUJS Israel’s internship positions!

WUSJ Israel’s partners include:

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For more information on WUJS Israel, please visit the WUJS Israel website or contact their staff.