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There's a wealth of talent waiting to learn from you. Find out how much they have to offer.

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At Masa Israel, we foster growth: we connect college graduates unforgettable, hands-on professional development opportunities; and provide Israeli companies the fresh talent to keep pace with their expansion and innovation.

Because your growth is as important to us as our interns', we've designed our programs to benefit your business as much as their journey. The model is simple: we connect well-educated, ultra-motivated interns with companies and organizations that are as impressive as they are. We sponsor the interns for their 5-10 months in Israel, so it costs you almost nothing, other than a willingness to share time and knowledge.

It's a no-fee, turnkey solution, with Masa Israel bringing highly qualified young professionals to Israel, handling logistical support (housing, insurance and placement services), and offering funding to offset interns’ living costs. Financially and administratively, we make it as easy for you as possible to connect with interns who are:

Globally minded &
tech savvy
Ambitious and driven leaders, Masa Israel interns who are graduates from America's top universities.
Eager to learn & culturally curious
As Masa Israel participants, our interns seek both professional and international experience.
not only
to learn -
but to do
Not just a pair of hands, Masa Israel interns are able to genuinely make a contribution to your business.
Long Term Partners
Masa Israel interns tend to remember their experience in Israel forever, often creating opportunities for their mentor companies in their home country.

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