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Funding you could be eligible for:
$3,000 or more.

If you have at least one Jewish grandparent and are between 18 and 31 years old, you could be eligible for $3,000 of funding (or more) for five months. Funding can vary with your age, and the length and type of your program—but don’t worry, our staff is here to help you navigate funding options and any questions.

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Israel Corps – Project TEN

israel-outdoors-next-logoSpend five months living and volunteering alongside Israeli peers while making a meaningful impact on Israeli society. You’ll have the option to live in one of two culturally diverse locations, learn Hebrew and Arabic, and gain experience in ecotourism, social justice, entrepreneurship, and co-existence.

Become part of the community in which you live and serve. This is your chance to gain a real world connection to Israeli society and its people. Along the way, we will crisscross the country on a series of travel experiences take you to parts of Israel that you’ve never seen before!


Sustainability, Education, and Co-Existence on Kibbutz Harduf

Over the past several years, Kibbutz Harduf has initiated numerous groundbreaking projects in education, services for those with special needs, mental health, welfare, and organic agriculture. As a result, the kibbutz became the country’s largest producer of organic agricultural products. The kibbutz also played a key role in the establishment of Israel’s first Waldorf School.

Israel Corps members live like locals on a unique kibbutz with approximately 650 residents, including 170 children and adults with special needs.  While living on Kibbutz Harduf, participants take part in creating a pluralistic Jewish community, as they learn about tikkun olam and sustainable agriculture from local experts. They also dedicate much of their time to co-existence work through social action programs between Jews, Bedouins, and Arabs, as well as other volunteer projects with local community partners. The program is a personal journey and an opportunity for young adults to explore their connection to humanity, the Jewish people, and planet Earth.

Israel Corps is a service learning experience — not just a volunteer project.


In addition to making a contribution to your host community, exploring Israel is a core component of Israel Corps – Project TEN. The program includes a series of educational tours in participants’ home region and beyond. These enrichment experiences are scheduled throughout the program and are designed to expose Israel Corps participants to contemporary Israeli society, the intricacies of Jewish history, and the stunning beauty of Israel’s ecology on a deeper level than a typical tour. Israel Outdoors NEXT’s own professional guides lead these excursions and all of the travel expenses are included. In addition to day trips, the program covers weekend-long trips to many other parts of the country. During these longer trips, participants stay at hotels and guesthouses while taking part in seminars and programs with others Israel Outdoors NEXT groups.

For more information, visit the Israel Corps program website, or contact their staff.

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3 Ways Tikkun Olam In Tel Aviv-Jaffa Can Change Your Life

By: Rachel Blaifeder

Looking to spend some time in Israel? Want to make the most out of your time abroad? Look no further than Tikkun Olam, a 5 or 10 month volunteering program in Israel that will give you both a meaningful and rewarding experience. Here are three ways that this program can and will change your life:

1. The Specialized Tracks

Participants on Tikkun Olam choose from one of two volunteer tracks: either Social Action or Coexistence. The Social Action Track provides hands-on experience working with migrant workers from all over the world whereas the Coexistence Track gives participants the chance to work with organizations that promote Arab-Jewish understanding. Regardless of what track you choose, your studies will concentrate on the issues you are faced with while volunteering, meaning you’ll be able to apply what you see outside the classroom inside the classroom!

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2. Trips and Tours Around Israel

All Masa programs include trips to and around Israel. Participants get to experience the Israeli people and Israeli culture first-hand while touring such a beautiful country! Where Tikkun Olam differs, though, is that day trips function as an extension of the program. There is no better way to understand the issues facing Israeli society then to travel to places like Israeli Arab villages and the West Bank, where you can actually meet the people whose lives are being affected!

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3. Living Like a Local

Although the program is held in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, known for its beaches and nightlife, Tikkun Olam houses participants in the same neighborhoods as the ones they volunteer in. By living with the local people, participants get a true feel for what the community is like and they form connections with residents that enable them to become truly immersed. To be living in Tel Aviv is one thing, but becoming a member of a small community is something ENTIRELY different!

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Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

Masa Israel Teaching FellowsA partnership of Masa Israel Journey, Israel’s Ministry of Education, and the Jewish Agency for Israel, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows aims to close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system by placing English-speaking college graduates as English teacher’s aides in schools throughout Israel.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows are Jewish young adults from English-speaking countries. Fellows must have completed undergraduate college degrees and must have some experience as educators (formal or informal). They must demonstrate the ability to excel in a challenging, cross-cultural environment and to be immersed in Israeli society.

Orientation & Training
During the first three weeks of the program, Fellows partake in intensive training created and lead by Israel’s Ministry of Education. Top educators from across Israel come together to build your teaching skills and prepare you the Israeli classroom experience. Throughout the program, Fellows will also receive intensive Hebrew instruction.

Core Programming
After your training, you will work hands-on with your peers, volunteering 25-30 hours a week in a public school leading small group tutoring classes in your city. As an educated English speaker, you can contribute to Israel by strengthening the English skills of students lacking in language skills and opportunities to engage with native English speakers. In addition to teaching English, Fellows choose a secondary community volunteer project for approximately five hours a week, with different options available depending on your city placement and according to your background and interests.

Travel Experiences
In additional to classroom and volunteer experiences, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows also includes excursions and cultural travel experiences all around Israel, designed to expose you to modern Israeli society, the many layers of Jewish history, and the natural beauty of Israel. Every trip is led by professional guides, and all of the travel expenses are included. Evening programs such as speakers, presentations, and organized social nights are also scheduled periodically. Outside of scheduled programming, nights, weekends, and holidays are free for you to explore Israel on your own!

For more information, please visit the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows website or contact their staff.

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