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Funding you could be eligible for:
$3,000 or more.

If you have at least one Jewish grandparent and are between 18 and 31 years old, you could be eligible for $3,000 of funding (or more) for five months. Funding can vary with your age, and the length and type of your program—but don’t worry, our staff is here to help you navigate funding options and any questions.

Supply chain internship, L’Oreal Israel Ltd. - Provided by Career Israel  



For the past century, the firm has pursued its adventure in the beauty industry to cement its position as the worlds leading cosmetics company. Above and beyond its financial success, however, she track record reflects an endless quest: A quest for innovation, begun a century ago by scientist and inventor Eugène Schueller, driven by tireless research and buoyed by a steadfast pioneering spirit; A quest for excellence through increasingly safe, imaginative and effective products; A quest for diversity and a range of cultures to meet the needs of men and women around the globe and make beauty products available to as many people as possible; A quest for purpose, a cornerstone of the the approach, combining economic growth, ethics, social and environmental responsibility.

Job Description of Trainee: logistic, purchasing & warehouses

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