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5 Internships That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

Looking to travel to Israel, yet don’t want to put a hold on your academic studies? No worries! Take a look at 5 internships that you can apply to in Israel that will make your resume much more appealing to US companies. It will allow your resume to appear more diverse.   Marketing and Public […]

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5 Art Inspired Internships You Can Do In Israel

Landing an art related job can be challenging. Employers want experience and a creative portfolio in order to be considered for the position. One way many people are able to get into the field of their careers is by interning. Having an internship on your resume will make you stand out among the competition and […]

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7 Internships You Can Only Do In Israel

1) Quality Assurance Internship, Side-Kick Games: At Side-Kick Games, an Israel-based game-development studio, an internship position is available to assure video game quality. Side-Kick Games works in the field of virtual reality headsets, Xbox360 Kinect, phones, tablets, and more. You’ll be divulging any bugs or mechanical issues directly to the management after working with the […]

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5 Best Bars in Jerusalem

Are you on a Masa Israel Program and looking for things to do in your time off from studying and volunteering? Check out the top five bars located throughout Jerusalem! 1.       The Shuka Looking to get away from the crowds and meet other students? Located in the Machane Yehuda Shuk, the Shuka Bar was opened by […]

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A Financial Breakdown Of Doing An Internship Experience In Israel

By: Rachel Blaifeder Having an internship, living in Israel…what could be better! But… how much would that cost? Whether you’re doing a four, five or ten month-long program, financial costs can range, but no need to research the costs on your own – we’ve done it for you! Below you can find a complete financial […]

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3 Ways Tikkun Olam In Tel Aviv-Jaffa Can Change Your Life

By: Rachel Blaifeder Looking to spend some time in Israel? Want to make the most out of your time abroad? Look no further than Tikkun Olam, a 5 or 10 month volunteering program in Israel that will give you both a meaningful and rewarding experience. Here are three ways that this program can and will […]

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Green Lines and Grey Areas

by Shachar May “Liminal” is a favorite word of mine.  Coming from the Latin “limen,” meaning “threshold”, the word originated to describe a person’s state while they are in the midst of a transformative ritual – the in-between state where they are neither here nor there. These days, it’s an esoteric term used in anthropology […]

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Career Israel: Daniel Vapne Profile

Career Israel participant Daniel Vapne gave us an insight on his Masa Israel Journey and how it helped him grow professionally. After getting his B.A in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University, Daniel decided to take an internship with Medix, a private physical therapy clinic in Israel. During his internship, he was able to apply […]

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It takes two to Tango, in Israel

By Amy Albertson It’s always better when we’re together Yes, the rumors are true. Many Masa Israel participants meet their significant others during their programs. It makes perfect sense—you’re both in Israel for a long-term experience, you’re meeting tons of new people, and discovering lots of new things about yourselves, this country, and life. But […]

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Connecticut Jewish Ledger: Spotlight on Daniel Hammerman

By Cindy Mindell “When Daniel Hammerman of Stamford graduated from American University in May, he decided to translate his BA in international relations into just such an opportunity. He was accepted to the Yahel Social Change Program, a nine-month service-learning immersion experience of Masa Israel Journey in the Arab-Israeli community of Lod and the Ethiopian-Israeli […]

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