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Mechanical Engineering – Dr. Ben Hamu, Shamoon College of Engineering

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The Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE) is Israel’s largest engineering college dedicated to creating a new generation of engineers and technology specialists.

Combining worldclass academic excellence with a unique approach to education and social responsibility, SCE is much more than a college; it is a source of inspiration and cultivation in the southern periphery of Israel which encourages forward-thinking and facilitates significant achievements. “Engineering the future” is more than a promise – it is a mission which propels students forward and leads them to set an example of excellence amongst their peers and within their communities. Founded in 1995, SCE has 6,370 graduates, over 90% of whom are working in the engineering and technology sector, one of the most underserved and crucial sectors in the Israeli economy.

The Beersheva campus is a “green” campus, featuring cutting edge architecture, the latest in lab technology and ecological innovation. Research and Development Centers In a relatively short time SCE has become one of the country’s leading academic institutions, its innovative and advanced research contributing impressively to the Israeli economy and society. The college’s R&D centers and faculty members, many with prestigious reputations in the academic world, have gained the attention of the international scientific community and are recipients of generous research grants.

Job Description of Trainee:

Main fields of interest are: Materials Science and Technology – Relation between microstructure, corrosion and mechanical behavior of alloys. 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing A suitable research project will be defined together with each intern, given their background, interests and capabilities.

Training required: Students for Materials / Mechanical / Chemical Engineering.


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