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Marketing and Content Intern, Atlas Dynamics

- Provided by Career Israel


We create professional drone based solution for professional use. We are developing unique technologies in both hardware, software, and composed materials that redefines the drone industry and the way people perceive UAVs.

Our products provides simplicity of usage together with the best performance in the market, based on our in-house proprietary technology and design. Backed by strong partnership in both VC and the manufacturing line, we launched our “Erida” (Prosumer) at CES2017 and will launch “Atlas Pro” this summer in the U.S, Latin America and East Europe.

Job Description of Trainee:

We are looking for a talented and well motivated intern that is passionate about technological startups, and want to get into the booming ecosystem of drone technology business, an industry that is going to change the way people think about professional solutions for the infrastructure, delivery and insurance market.

We are looking for an inspiring person that want to change the world. This native English speaking intern that will be in charge of creating quality content for our social presence – including medium, social network, and press, and will also search for relevant VC’s and potential partners for Atlas.

This position Requires the intern to get deeply into the drone business and the startup world – there is a lot to learn and many interesting people to meet, and we are here to do all of it together.

Training required: Native English speaking Creative Data driven Loves to write content Eager to change the world If you like to fly stuff you get extra credit.

Other qualifications required/Rec.: A great opportunity to get into a booming industry that will change the world as we know it.

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