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Research Assistant -Physical Therapy – Jason Friedman, Tel Aviv University

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The project  would be suitable for you is related to the nine hole peg test (9HPT). This is a test commonly used by occupational therapists and physical therapists as a measure of hand function and coordination.

While the test is usually performed with a stopwatch (i.e. how long it takes them to put the nine pegs in the 9 holes), we are building a version that will provide additional information through sensors embedded in the device, as well as using motion capture to record movements of the fingers.

The goal of the project will be to validate our version of the 9HPT (compared to the standard version), and to run some pilot experiments to see if we are able to get more useful information with the additional sensors & motion capture. One of my M.Sc students is planning to use the device later this year with children with CP, so this testing beforehand will be important to ensure this is a valid measurement device.

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