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English Education/Research Department, Yad Vashem World Jewry

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yad vashem


This is the leading Holocaust Museum and research center in the world. Working in the English Education department.

Job Description of Trainee:

Interns will assist the staff to prepare for and conduct scholarly programs such as seminars, symposia, panel presentations, and campus outreach visits designed to strengthen Holocaust teaching in Jewish Educational Institutions around the world and serve as venues for the presentation of new research in the field of Holocaust studies. An intern may provide research assistance for occasional papers, publications and other projects.

Tasks include: Preparing material for publication Making and/or entering editorial changes Contacting publishers for copies of recently published books/photographs related to the Holocaust Researching information about the Holocaust, recent Holocaust publications, and/or institutions where Holocaust-related courses are taught Translating documents Preparing documents for publication Surveying archival collections Researching Jewish communities Writing book reviews.

Other qualifications required/Rec.:

History background, able to write research papers, has to be motivated and a selfstarter and be able to approach staff.

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