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Research Assistant, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Teva Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing consumers with access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing and marketing affordable generic, innovative and specialty products, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Following our vision, we pursue robust organic growth. This strategy is complemented by key alliances with exemplary partners. We extend our presence into new markets and add selectively to our capabilities. We balance investment in growth with return to our investors. We commit ourselves to challenging and meeting unmet medical, societal and patient needs.

Job Description of Trainee:

•Development of dissolution models simulation the GI tract, for various drugs .

•Physical chemical Characterization of API

•Formulation development- understanding excipients, process, API effect on drug absorption

•Development of permeation tests for various drugs

•Understanding GI tract physiology.

Training required:

A BSc in one of the following: Biology, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutics.

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