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Business Analyst, Signals Analytics

- Provided by Career Israel

signals analytics

This company is the leading provider of ecosystem intelligence solutions. We apply best-practice intelligence methodologies and use incredibly advanced technologies that enable decision makers to take action. Our approach is two-fold: We provide a broad ecosystem overview in and out of your industry as well as a closer, more detailed view on each player within the ecosystem. Together, we deliver the latest business discoveries relevant to your company and offer game-changing, actionable insights. Signals provides an excellent working environment for interns coming from abroad. This company allows individuals to gain a unique experience that combines the features of international business, technology, interpersonal communication, research, and the Israeli work culture. The dynamic combination of these aspects allows for an optimal learning experience in which interns can both showcase their talents and glean new skills as well. We have a shuttle that picks up on King George St. in TLV at 8:30. It leaves the office at 4:15 and arrives back to King George St. at 4:45. We can add additional shuttle stops if there is critical mass Interns do individual research projects which are presented to management They receive training in excel, advanced googling, research, and I’m now training them on writing CVs, applying for jobs and interviewing. They can receive training in a variety of additional topics if they show interest. They are part of the company in every way – invited to every get-together and receiving employee gifts (interns this session are receiving a really nice backpack and electronics equipment) Many of them have really created something lasting and their work is valued, we often hire interns upon completion of the program We really try to meet their needs, give them interesting and challenging work and encourage them to grow and connect to the company and to the Israeli startup culture.

Job Description of Trainee:

The role as part of the team’s mission is to assist and create business opportunities that will support the company’s growth, by prospecting, qualifying and generating new sales leads to support our Commercial team. You will be required to support research on prospective industries and clients, understand their needs, strategy and challenges, and assist with campaigns to win them as clients. Responsibilities include: • Continuously develop a list of key prospects through the use of traditional research and automated tools • Present reports to management providing background profiles to assist in the preparation of client meetings • Input data for new and prospective clients in Salesforce.com, ensuring all communications are logged, information is accurate, and documents are attached What you’ll gain: • Unique experience combining the features of international business, technology, interpersonal communication, research, and the Israeli work culture • Opportunity for optimal learning experience in which you can both showcase your talents and glean new skills • Receive training in Excel, advanced Googling, and research and presentation skills, as well as additional topics of interest

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