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Special Projects Coordinator, Global Entrepreneurship Network

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Our office represents 2 interesting nonprofit global organizations: Global Entrepreneurship Week and MIT Enterprise Forum. (Founded at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology- http://www.mit-forum.org.il/)

Both organizations initiate every year multiple events that support and promote the growth and success of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures by connecting ideas, technology and people.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Assistance to our new project- hosting for 3 weeks an Entrepreneurship Summer Bootcamp for Mexican students. (Startup Nation)
  2. Assistance to our yearly project in coop with US Navy – Combating Terrorism Technology Competition.
  3. Assistance to our yearly project- GEN Week.
  4. Logistics to various projects
  5. Updating our new website

Requirements and skills for the position:


* English (fluently), Spanish (advantage)


* High Computer skills (Google, Web, Office)

* High performance capability

* Diligent and persistent

* Kind and pleasant


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