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Data Scientist (R&D), Sport Innovation Ltd.

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Sport Innovation Ltd. seeks a Data Scientist Intern to push the boundaries of what can be measured or extracted from measurements using wearable sensors.


  • Large responsibilities in generating or taking ideas and growing them into a final product
  • Perform analysis to determine what is interesting and useful in sensor data, design experiments to collect that data, and design extremely robust but lightweight algorithm


  •  Experience with programming and scientific computation (Matlab, Python, and/or other C/C++ languages)
  • Numerical programming on embedded targets a big plus
  • Time-domain and frequency domain discrete-time signal processing algorithms – advantage
  • Parameter estimation and tracking algorithms such as HMM, Kalman Filter, etc. – advantage

About the company:

S-Plus is a performance enhancement analytics platform for non-professionals in team sports. It provides coaches and players the essential metrics that they need to track performance, design personalized training programs, increase motivation and enhance enjoyment.


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