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Business development, marketing and strategy, HaLions

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lionsHaLions is looking to recruit a Business Development, Marketing and Strategy intern.

 About the company:

Formally established in January 2014, HaLions has been successfully working with many clients from an early stage startup companies to large cooperation in a variety of business verticals. HaLions provides sales empowering service, in the process, HaLions explores company’s vision and reveals the business essence in order to create a unique value proposition and professional tools with the purpose of delivering its strong potential.

​HaLions’ main goal is to leave a strong impact on the growth strategies to increase revenues and success rate, the company has a record of assisting Companies raise more than $200M, using their service, skills & set of tools. HaLions is a boutique Business strategy and creative agency located at the seashore of TLV with a great view of the Mediterranean, looking for a person with great creative mind, willing to fight when they’re right and admit when they’re wrong.



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