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5 Internships That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

Looking to travel to Israel, yet don’t want to put a hold on your academic studies? No worries! Take a look at 5 internships that you can apply to in Israel that will make your resume much more appealing to US companies. It will allow your resume to appear more diverse.


Marketing and Public Relations Internship, Spree: Tel Aviv


– An internship that encompasses the fields of fashion, beauty, and media.

– Teaches you both marketing and PR strategies.

– Gives you the opportunity to work with a team and learn how to interact with people in a professional setting.

Professional Career Opportunities: Marketing Firm, Public Relations Firm, Communications, Fashion, and Media Management.

Program Provider: Destination Israel.


Business Development Analyst, Signals Group: Netanya


– Work directly with the Business Development team.

– Gain experience working with a company’s database.

– Learn how to partner with other organizations in a professional setting.

Professional Career Opportunities: Business, Finance, Technology, Marketing, Accounting Firms and Start-Up Companies.

Program Provider: Masa Israel Elite Internships.


Research Fellowship, NGO Monitor: Jerusalem

NGO Monitor

– Gives you the opportunity to write and present progress reports monthly to a team.

– Get the chance to write research essays, which you can attach to future job applications.

– Work alongside government offices to improve research projects.

Professional Career Opportunities: Business Development, Politics, International Relations, Law, Human Rights, International Organizations, Government Offices, Non- Profit, United Nations.

Program Provider: Israel Government Fellows


Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): Petach Tikva


– Gives you access to official documents from the companies database and teaches you how to organize them in an effective way.

– You will have the opportunity to see how the company’s aims to simplify their operations model in an effective way.

– Analyze how companies handle finances in a long-term perspective.

Professional Career Opportunities: Business, Finance, Biotech, and Medical/Pharmaceutical.

Program Provider: Gvahim Young Leaders


Congressional Affairs Fellowship, Congressional Affairs Department – North American Division – Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Jerusalem

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Gives you the chance to analyze the 2015 presidential election with a group of professionals.

– Help with hosting the US congressional delegation to Israel.

– Learn how to research certain legislations.

– Write political reports and updates from the hill.

Professional Career Opportunities: Government, Public Service, Law, Foreign Policy, And Political Media.

– Program Provider: Israel Government Fellows.

Doing an internship abroad will provide you with the skills, experience, and connections necessary to land your dream job once you return to the United States. Having this experience on your resume will make you stand amongst your American peers with more advanced and developed work skills


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