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Financial Securities Regulation Economic /Analyst and Research Fellow, Israel Securities Authority

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alt="israel securities authority"This is a government organization whose strategic policy is to facilitate the integration of Israel’s capital market into global markets. The focus has been the integration into the process of international cooperation with other securities regulators. This organization is responsible for liaison with international regulatory entities including foreign securities authorities, including the conclusion of memoranda of understanding for cross-border cooperation with these authorities and the global struggle against economic crime. The department is also engaged in conducting comparative research to aid policy formation.

Job Description of Trainee:

The research fellow will be required to complete a substantial research project in the field of financial securities regulation.

This project will be a policy or academic research paper examining an area of active interest in the field of securities regulation, forming a cogent analysis and possibly making policy recommendations.

The research fellow will be expected to present their findings to decision-makers within and outside the institution. While this is the primary task, the research fellow may also be needed to assist other researchers within the economics department in their work. Fellows may be asked, for instance, to make short analysis of a particular regulatory issue for use in a larger research project and to read and comment upon internal drafts of research projects within the department.

Sample internship schedule:

The Economics department is a research department. Our faculty has considerable flexibility so long as they produce quality work. While most of the faculty attends the office on roughly a “”nine to five”” basis, some researchers work earlier hours and some later hours.

Faculty may enroll at a master’s program while working and the department is very accommodating of diverse schedules, so long as the fellow is available for periodic meetings with the chief economist.

We expect the research fellow to be able to work independently and to take initiative in chasing down insights. The research fellow is also expected to be an active contributor to the ongoing informal discussion of regulatory policy that occurs within the department. The research fellow should be smart, energetic, and affable.

Training required:

We find that a variety of diverse backgrounds succeed in the economics department. That being said, an active interest in finance and an education in a quantitative field (math, economics, physics, finance, statistics, computer science, etc.) are preferred. We do not require any particular previous work experience but we prefer finance, policy analysis, and academic research.

Experience Required:

Experience in a statistical or mathematical software package (SAS, STATE, Matlab, R, SPSS, etc.). Programming and database programming skills are also preferred. Experience using a data service such as a Bloomberg Terminal or Thomson Reuters is preferred.

Other qualifications required/Rec.: 

The research fellow’s principle responsibility will be research. The research fellow will need to examine an issue by finding and analyzing relevant research sources.

Given the fellow’s skills, he/she may then proceed to form quantitative analysis. The fellow will have to produce a research paper.

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