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Venture Capital Finance Internship, Incentive Incubator

- Provided by Career Israel

alt="incentive incubator"Incentive Incubator seeks a Venture Capital Finance Intern to assist with due diligence on technology startups, market analysis, competition analysis, and deal sourcing.

-Background in finance or business
-Excellent English
-Understanding of various technology innovation spaces, market and competitions
-Research experience an advantage

Incentive Incubator is an award-winning technological incubator in Israel, with an exceptional track record of nurturing seed-stage companies to success. Over the last eight years alone, it has twice won the Excellent Incubator Award and five of its companies have received the Excellent Incubator Company Award.

The first privatized incubator, Incentive is owned by Peregrine Ventures a venture capital fund with proven expertise in successful seed-stage investment. Incentive invests in medical device companies, with a focus on Single-Patient-Use-Devices (SPUD), as well as in software companies, with a focus on scalable B2B solutions.


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