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Business and Trade Internship, Freightos

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freightos_logoFreightos seeks a tech-savvy Business and Trade Intern.

The intern’s exact responsibilities will depend on his or her skills and experience. Possible tasks include:
-Market analysis
-Data engineering and analytics
-Mapping areas of exports and imports per country

Freightos is a venture-backed logistics technology company that is automating online freight sales. Freightos technology helps freight forwarders manage their rates and automate their routing and pricing, both internally and on their web sites. This replaces out-dated Excel and PDF management techniques that lead to incredibly slow price quotes (a recent survey showed that the global leaders take almost one week to quote) and inaccuracies.

Shippers and forwarders can leverage Freightos for instant, online quoting, introducing visibility and efficiency into the freight shipping process. Shippers can generate and book instant, door-to-door quotes directly online, using their own internal negotiated rates or rates shared by forwarders online.

Freightos is built on the Google Cloud and utilizes a Big Data approach to analyzing freight sales and pricing trends.

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