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First Level Support Personnel, Help Desk – IBM

- Provided by Masa Tlalim Enterprise Internship

alt="ibm"The First Level Support Personnel position involves understanding and providing support for laptop, PC, server software, hardware, network, and operating system issues in a complex R&D environment. Unlike the traditional Help Desk Support, our team provides first level support to an R&D environment, which involves both development and QA solutions as well as traditional support concepts.

-Team player
-Previous experience as a system administrator
-Major advantage: scripting in Python, Shell, Perl
-Previous experience supporting users in Linux and Windows
-Good network understanding
-Knowledge in team collaboration software such as Atlassian confluence
-Some background working with MAC OS
-Experience in Lotus Notes
-Previous experience in VMWare

IBM has operated in Israel since 1949 and was one of the first multinational corporations to establish offices in the country. Since that time, IBM has offered Israeli companies of all sizes from a variety of industries a wide range of business and technological solutions focusing on generating higher value for our clients and driving innovation.


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