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Civil Society Affairs Fellowship, Civil Society Affairs Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Provided by Israel Government Fellows

alt="israel ministry of foreign affairs"The Civil Society Affairs Fellow will be directly involved in Israel’s efforts of combating delegitimization.

The Fellow will assist the Civil Society Affairs Department’s Coordinator for Combating Delegitimization in the following ways:
-Developing written materials for distribution across key diplomatic and Israel advocacy networks
-Assisting in managing short-term and medium-term projects related to events and conferences
-Monitoring key websites and maintaining ongoing database regarding global anti-Israel activity
-Assisting in the coordination of the full array of local efforts around the world to combat delegitimization

This position is office-based and people-oriented. The Fellow will have the opportunity to be involved in regular meetings and exchanges with outside bodies, as well as efforts to actively shepherd joint initiatives through to fruition.

-High-level spoken and written English
-Excellent writing skills
-Previous experience in Israel advocacy- a distinct advantage

The Civil Society Affairs Department is responsible for countering the assault on Israel’s legitimacy, developing the strategy of action and its implementation.  The department acts as the focal point for these issues within the MFA, for the Israeli missions, Pro-Israeli and Jewish advocacy organizations and for the Israeli government agencies. The department has a leading role in the efforts at home and abroad to counter the current assault through building relationships, partnerships and coalitions with influential elites across the full range of political and civic institutions in the international society.

Please note: Israel Government Fellows does not conduct their internship placement process until all participants have been formally accepted. For this reason, IGF cannot guarantee applicants a particular internship position prior to their acceptance. However, the placement process is influenced primarily by participants’ preferences.

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