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Coexistence Communications Fellowship, Windows: Channels for Communication

- Provided by Tikkun Olam Tel Aviv-Jaffa

alt="israel palestine coexistence"As a fellow at Windows, you will help with fundraising, assist in putting together a series of informational lectures, and provide assistance in translating the newsletter into English. This is a great opportunity to help Israel with its struggles of coexistence.

Windows: Channels for Communication is a grassroots non-profit organization comprised of Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, Palestinians from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and internationals. We all share the belief that it is possible to create a future in our region that is based on democracy, equality, freedom, dignity, and safety for all. Established in 1991, Windows has unique experience in developing and implementing long term educational programs that address the imbalance of power between the two sides and the core issues.

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