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Internship in the Hotel Industry, The David Intercontinental Hotel (IHG)

- Provided by Career Israel

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Job Description of Trainee:

Options to intern:

1. VIP/Guest Relations/Front Desk: Customer services, frequenting the different club rooms, catering to the needs of the guests, setting up VIP rooms, doing follow up once the guest has left, deal with requests and complaints, check rooms.

2. Banquets and Events: Set up and take down of the event – weddings, bar mitzvahs, large company events – ability to be a manager and supervise the wait staff. Not able to plan the event, but to execute them. This internship is multi-faceted, including Food and beverage aspects (i.e. restaurants, convention area, room service), front desk activities, guest relation, sales and even housekeeping. This internship will provide you with a wide overlook on the hotel industry operation, and selection of departments to match your experience. If the intern is a good fit, they are able to talk to HR and their supervisor about getting hired and a full time position. This in fact is the goal of the internship.

Sample internship schedule:

Usually 08:00-16:00 or 16:00 – 23:00 with changing needs of the organization and according to intern job description.

Training required:

Degree/Courses in hotel industry/sales and marketing/food and beverage.

Other qualifications required/Rec.:

Dynamic people, good nature, verbal skills.

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