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Graphics Internship at an advertising agency, McCann Erickson

- Provided by Career Israel

alt="mccann erickson tel aviv"This organization is the Israeli branch of a leading international advertising firm. It is the largest advertising agency in Israel and provides all communication services to a client- from planning, to creative, to branding, to PR etc. They also work with Russian, Arab and Haredi sectors in Israel, as well as the regular Israeli public.

Job Description of Trainee:

Interns in this position do the graphic implementation of the ideas developed by the creative department of the agency. They are paired up with a mentor, given projects, work with InDesign and other tools.

Training required: Training in all graphics programs.

Experience Required: Experience in graphic art as well as a portfolio of graphic work. Need to know Adobe CS, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign.

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    Masa Israel internships are 2 to 10 months in duration and start dates vary by program provider.
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