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Business and Data Analyst, LR Group

- Provided by Career Israel

alt="lr group"The Business and Data Analyst will mainly focus on research as well as the creation of business plans and market surveys. The intern will have a chance to work closely with senior staff, as his or her work will be used to support key business decisions. This role is a unique opportunity to gain a broad view of the research and investment business, while still exploring the detailed approach of forecast preparation.

The intern’s tasks will include:
-Gathering and organizing information, collecting data, and analyzing and producing research reports that summarize findings
-Creating spreadsheets,charts and graphs to illustrate reports, using Microsoft Office
-Interpreting collected data in drafting presentations
-Producing marketing materials including presentations, executive summaries and etc]

-Team player who thrives in a collaborative atmosphere
-Strong analytical skills
• Dedication
• Basic accounting knowledge (ie, revenue, cost, standard margin, gross margin, per unit metrics and analysis)
• Experience in many facets of cost of goods sold, overhead cost and other spending analysis is preferred
• Previous financial modeling experience a plus
• Excellent written and oral communication skills

For the last 3 decades, LR Group has enabled communities to unleash their great potential and make the most out of their land, natural resources and skills.

LR Group has an unequalled record of success in some of the largest sustainability projects. Our expert teams have provided integrated creative solutions and multi-disciplinary capabilities in more than 20 countries worldwide in the fields of rural development, agriculture, water management, renewable energy, telecommunications, hospitals and clinics, and education.


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