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DevOps Engineer, IBM

- Provided by Masa Israel Elite Internships

alt="intern ibm israel"The DevOps Engineer position focuses mostly on the back end code, although experience with front end technology is an advantage.  We develop performance oriented applications with emphasis on reusable, scalable and distributed design on-top of a high level OO programming language to manage and control our Data Center environment in an automated way. Technologies we use on a daily basis include Python, Django, Linux (mostly CentOS, Redhat and Ubuntu), MySQL, PostgreSQL, memcached, celery, nginx, rabbitmq, redis, gunicorn, Git.

-Team player
-Object Oriented Programming
-Proven Python experience
-Experience with Django framework
-Experience with installing and configuring Linux services
-Innovative approach
-Ability to work independently
-Ability to prioritize tasks and provide on-demand solutions in a highly dynamic environment
-An understanding of current trends and advancements in technology
-Some experience in developing web applications

IBM has operated in Israel since 1949 and was one of the first multinational corporations to establish offices in the country. Since that time, IBM has offered Israeli companies of all sizes from a variety of industries a wide range of business and technological solutions focusing on generating higher value for our clients and driving innovation.

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