Intern or Volunteer: Go Further in Israel

We help connect young Jewish adults with exciting, life-changing internships and volunteer programs in Israel.

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First we'll help you find your perfect fit, then we'll help you fund it. Simple as that.

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                Don't miss out on our newest offerings - <a href='internships/featured'>check out our latest featured internships today!</a>. <span class='slideHeader'>CHECK OUT OUR VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS</span><BR>
                Don't miss out on our newest offerings - <a href='/volunteer/volunteer-programs'>check out our latest programs today!</a>. <span class='slideHeader'>SEE DANIELA'S STORY</span><BR>
                See what Daniela is learning on her 'perfect' photography  internship. <a href='/profiles/daniella/' >Watch her story here</a> . <span class='slideHeader'>CHECK OUT OUR VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS</span><BR>
                Don't miss out on our newest offerings - <a href='/volunteer/volunteer-programs'>check out our programs today!</a>. <span class='slideHeader'>SARAH AND JENNA'S ADVICE</span><BR>
                Jenna urges, 'If you're thinking about a Masa Israel internship,  <a href='/apply-now'>stop thinking and start applying!</a>' <span class='slideHeader'>SEE MICHAEL'S STORY</span><BR>
                Michael's internship is teaching him to run an art gallery from the inside. <a href='/profiles/michael/'>See how.</a> <span class='slideHeader'>SEE JENNA'S STORY</span><BR>
                Jenna is getting cardiology experience that would be impossible in the  States.  <a href='/profiles/sarah/' >See how</a>. <span class='slideHeader'>SEE DREW'S STORY</span><BR>
                Drew's business internship lets him support other entrepreneurs  throughout "start up nation" <a href='/profiles/mattdrew/' >See how.</a>


Are you ready for the journey?

There’s no better international experience than
an internship or volunteer program in Israel.
From interning at the next billion dollar startup
to volunteering with non-profit organizations,
Masa Israel has a program for you.

The journey of a lifetime starts with
a few simple steps.

1. Explore the

Our Featured Internships are hands-on opportunities to work with some of the world’s most cutting-edge companies along with the top non-profit organizations and government agencies across Israel.

If you’re looking to repair the world, check out our volunteer programs and make a difference in the lives of others.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we can help you customize your own internship or volunteer experience in Israel

2. Learn about grants and scholarships.

Israel may not be as far away as you think. We have financial support available to you in the form of automatic grants and needs-based scholarships.

Learn more about the Masa Israel funding available for your Israel experience.

3. Apply for an Internship or Volunteer Position.

If you found the perfect internship in Israel, go to our featured internship page and search for it by name or company and click “Apply Now” Be sure to have your current resume ready.

If you decided how you’re going to help repair the world, apply to one of our volunteer programs today.

4. Finalize the Details.

  • A. Get funding.
    Now you’re ready to Apply for a Grant and explore the additional scholarships and financial support available. If you need help, reach out to Masa Israel’s recruitment team via Live Chat—we’re here to help!

  • B. Pin down the logistics.
    Your internship provider will be in touch to help you get your travel visa and insurance along with housing ready before you arrive in Israel.

  • C. Book your flight.
    Get ready for the journey.

5. Begin your journey.

Get started now.