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Short-term Programs in Israel
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Short-term Programs in Israel

Short-term Programs in Israel


Thank you for your interest in Masa Israel!

Thank you for your interest. Whether for ten days or ten months, Israel is an amazing place to visit. In order to receive a Masa Israel grant, you must participate in a program that is at least five months in duration. Here is a list of short-term programs that may interest you at this time. If you are interested in a longer stay in Israel down the road, we will be more than happy to help you find and fun the perfect experience for you!

Short-term Programs in Israel:


Israel Corps – Project TEN volunteer program

The Social Entrepreneurship Track: 
Located in Kiryat Shmona, a small village in northern Israel, you will devise and implement service programs for the local community based on your own skills and interests. Within this track you will receive leadership and social entrepreneurship training. In addition to your project you will be volunteering in both educational and environmental organizations. You will learn about the rich culture and history of Kiryat Shmona as well as make immediate impact on the community. Programming is done with local Israeli peers, often students of Tel-Hai College. 

The Co-Existence Track on Kibbutz: 
Located within Kibbutz Harduf and Shaar L’Adam spiritual center, you will focus on inter-religious projects supporting peaceful co-existence and agricultural development with Jews and Arabs. You will receive training in cross-cultural communication and ecological farming as well as understanding the pedagogy of Kibbutz Harduf and the spiritual philosophy of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf school system.

All summer programs available for applicants 18-30


Amirim is a summer volunteering program for college students and young professionals ages 18-30. It gives participants a structured framework in which they volunteer at a non-profit organization four times a week (they commute with a city bus pass), explore the Israeli landscape through weekly day trips, and discover Israeli culture and society through different educational and cultural events. The program also includes a Two-day tiyul at the beginning of the program in order for participants to “break the ice” and get to know each other while having fun. Participants live in apartments in Bat Yam or Jerusalem. Within the format of the program, participants are given plenty of free time for personal growth and exploration and are expected to be independent. Participants enjoy cultural events, weekly group trips, camping, and free time for personal exploration.

Ben Gurion University
The BGU Summer University offers short-term study programs, lasting between four to six weeks and running through the late summer months. This experience delivers a combination of the intensive Hebrew ulpan, organized trips and excursions, volunteer opportunities, social activities and a lecture series, featuring a variety of well known BGU professors. The ulpan is an intensive immersive Hebrew language course. It incorporates a traditional curriculum of reading, writing and conversation skills with media, such as Israeli music, newspapers, movies, radio, as well as field trips.

Budokan Israel
The 1-Month Summer Session, based on the popular 5-month “mind, body and spirit” program, welcomes participants ages 16-26. The program focuses on not only on martial arts but on Israel’s beauty and excitement by offering a wide variety of beach sports activities including windsurfing, kite surfing, sailboarding, kayaking, swimming, martial arts beach training and more. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY TO JOIN! Budokan Israel is a one-of-a-kind artial arts, sports, and holistic fitness program in Israel. The 1-month intensive summer session begins in July and runs through until August. The summer session focuses on the “real” Krav Maga, which was founded & developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) and is used today by the IDF’s elite forces.

Career Israel Short Track
The Career Israel Short Track is a two to four-month professional internship program open to college/university students and graduates from all over the world. The program provides internship placements in leading companies and organizations in the private and public sectors in Israel in every field including law, medicine, media, economics, politics, public relations, education, social work, engineering, computer science, advertising and business and more. The program also offers options for accommodations, a Hebrew study program, tours and extracurricular enrichment activities at an additional cost. A professional internship in Israel is an impressive and prestigious addition to your resume and will enhance your future career development. The short track is designed for college/university students who want to utilize their vacation to enhance their resumes and prepare for entering the job market after graduation. The basic program package is two months long and includes placement services, an orientation program, day trips and seminars, an accompanying staff and medical insurance. There is an option to extend your stay after the two months, and additional services such as housing, overnight trips and Hebrew study are available at an additional cost.

Conservative Yeshiva Summer 2012 Volunteer and Study Program
The Conservative Yeshiva Summer Volunteer and Study Program offers the opportunity for learning in a dynamic learning community and giving back to the Jerusalem community by volunteering with an Israeli non-profit organization. Attend one or two sessions.
Session I: July 1 – July 19, 2012
Session II: July 22 – August 9, 2012
The Conservative Yeshiva Summer Volunteer and Study Program includes 1) four volunteer tracks: education, caring for the community, environment, organizational development; 2) choice of afternoon or morning study; 3) Hebrew Ulpan (five levels) or Intensive Talmud each morning; and 4) afternoon Classes in Rabbinic Texts, Tanach, Tefillah & Halacha.

Darckenu Israel
Darckenu Israel offers a 38-day wilderness programin Israel for troubled teens guiding them to overcome emotional hardships,social issues, substance abuse and typical teenage behavioral challenges.The program is simultaneously designed to lead parents to effective parenting.

Lotan Center for Creative Ecology The Green Apprenticeship
The Green Apprenticeship (GA) is designed for those wishing to understand and create alternative solutions for the issues facing the modern world. The program will expose you to the practical and theoretical aspects of local food production, permaculture, ecological design techniques, natural and alternative building, sustainable technologies, community design, and environmental ethics. During your stay at the Lotan Center for Creative Ecology, you will become part of the Eco Campus, a model for sustainable living that focuses on making a low carbon footprint and utilizing environmentally sound technologies. You will work with other community members to maintain an organic garden, construct buildings from recycled materials, and much, much more.

Hasbara Fellowships
Hasbara Fellowships is an Israel activism training program for North American university students. Hasbara Fellowships uniquely takes hundreds of students to Israel for 16-days of pro-Israel training. Intensive Israel activism training is the core strategy of Hasbara Fellowships and remains exclusively our niche. Hasbara Fellowships brings hundreds of students to Israel every summer and winter for in-depth training; over 1,800 students from more than 250 campuses have benefited from the information, tools and confidence provided by the program. Hasbara Fellows return to their campuses as strategic thinkers, organizational leaders and innovative advocates, dedicated to the positive portrayal of Israel on campus.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Department of Summer Courses and Special Programs at the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School offers short-term study abroad programs that enable students to combine an enriching academic experience during a shorter, summer learning experience. For over thirty years, the Department has offered stimulating, accredited summer courses to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as mature learners with academic backgrounds. Spend a summer at the Rothberg International School and choose from a comprehensive selection of short-term, intensive and specialized summer courses in Israel Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, International Law, Jerusalem Studies, Jewish and Religious Studies, and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Qualified volunteers can participate in archaeological excavations throughout Israel and earn Hebrew University credits. Language courses in Biblical Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic, ranging from introductory through advanced levels are offered using both classical and modern texts.

JNF Alternative Spring Break
JNF’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) provides Jewish college students, graduate students and young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 with the opportunity to connect to the land and people of Israel through meaningful acts of tikkun olam (community service). It is designed for people who have already toured Israel on past trips and are now prepared to involve themselves in community service and give back to Israel. A significant part of the ASB program is the educational curriculum, designed to complement the service work by providing an opportunity to explore Jewish insights and personal reflections on the service experience. Time is set aside each day for a discussion, reflection and learning. ASB is a great way for American students and young adults to return to Israel and participate in a unique program that will transform their personal connection to Israel and JNF. Registration Eligibility and Requirements This trip is for Jewish college students and young professionals, ages 18-30. Participants must be out of high school. This trip is intended for people who have already been to Israel (strongly recommended). While in Israel, participants will need to stay with the group at all times; they can invite guests to meet them at lodging areas when there are no scheduled programs. Participants are responsible for round-trip transportation to NY/NJ-based airports from their home communities. Participants must raise a minimum donation for the JNF campaign you will be volunteering on.

Kibbutz Ulpan
Kibbutz Ulpan provides the unique experience of working with Israelis on a kibbutz while at the same time offering classes in the language itself. If you are looking to learn or improve your Hebrew and to work on a kibbutz, this program is for you. Participants work on the kibbutz for half of the week and study in Ulpan for the other half, thus having the chance to utilize the Hebrew they are learning in an authentic Israeli setting. The program is for 18-28 year olds, and is a five-month program or a summer program. Accommodations are provided on the Kibbutz, as well as the meals and medical insurance. For exact program dates and information, please contact the Kibbutz Program Center at 212-462-2764 or visit their website.

Livnot U’Lehibanot
Livnot U’Lehibanot in Tzfat offers 1 or 4 week volunteer trips. The programs are for young Jewish adults aged 21 – 30. They include components of volunteering, hiking, seminars and workshops, spirituality explorations and much more.

Magen David Adom
The Magen David Adom volunteer program is an amazing opportunity for you to serve Israel, where it is often most needed. If you are between the ages of 18-25, have a basic knowledge of Hebrew, looking for a life-changing experience, and contribute to Israeli society in an invaluable way, this is the right program for you. Volunteers are trained for one intensive week of study in Jerusalem and work on ambulances in all of Israel’s major cities for 4-5 weeks. Programs run all year round with specific program dates. Program dates can be found on the website. Housing accommodations are provided at Absorption Centers, if the participant is in need of housing.

The Marva Course was created in 1981 with the objective of giving young Jewish adults in the Diaspora ages 18-28 the opportunity to experience life in Israel through an army experience. The course is run soldiers and officers trained to work with people from abroad. Throughout the course the participants travel between their home base located in Sde Boker in the Negev, to other bases throughout the country. Upon arrival, the participants experience a abrupt change into army life: wearing uniforms, accepting army discipline, and learning the programs and lessons integral to the program. The program includes military content such as: navigation, field training, weapons training, shooting ranges, marches and more, as well as educational content such as: Zionism, Jewish Identity, history and knowledge of the land of Israel. All of this is taught in Hebrew in an intensive eight weeks. The participants finish the program after completing a short, intensive, exhilarating military experience that allows them to taste Israel in a way that they never could before- as part of the Israel Defense Forces. They leave the program with a feeling of belonging and a strong connection to Israel, and many return to Israel to continue the connection that was created in the framework of the Marva course.

National Young Leadership Summer Trip to Israel
Join us for an incredible summer experience in Israel that’s way more than skin deep. It’s a trip of a lifetime and a trip with a purpose. Don’t just see Israel through the window of a bus — experience Israel as you kayak the headwaters of the Jordan River, climb Masada before dawn, and meet with members of the IDF. Plus, get an insider’s look at how Jewish Federation unites and cares for Jews in Israel and around the world. The National Young Leadership Summer Trip to Israel will include hundreds of young professionals, ages 22-45. We expect a very diverse group – people from all across North America, from many backgrounds, involved in a myriad of professions and volunteer activities, married and single, etc. There is no typical participant – all are unique and welcome!

Onward Israel
Onward Israel offers a competitive and attractive venue for young people seeking such experiences at affordable prices, and for time periods ranging from six to ten weeks. While meeting the individual needs of the participants and allowing them to advance their resumes, Onward Israel programs will also feature inspiring educational modules, with special attention dedicated to activism opportunities within local communities and institutions after program completion and to the development of a deeper understanding of Israel and enhanced Jewish identity and commitment.

CLIP Onward Israel. This was an opportunity to fuse the professional development and social pluralism found in the Collegiate Leadership Internship Program and the Israel component of Onward Israel. The program is for college students or the graduating class of 2013. Because the local partner is the Federation of New York, the program is limited to participants from or in school within the 5 boroughs, Westchester, or Long Island. The program is 8 weeks during the summer (June 12- Aug 6) and costs $440, not including the cost of flight. This covers the cost of food, travel, housing, programming, and other apt expenses during their time in Israel. Additionally, there is a $1000 scholarship available to ten students who demonstrate financial need. Lastly, the internships are tailored to the professional interests of the applicants and all internships and housing will be in Tel Aviv.

Destination Israel Short Term Volunteering/Internship
Build your own volunteering experience in Israel. Our program is open to individuals of all ages. Destination Israel community service consultants will pair you with a meaningful service project in an Israeli community, based on your talents, desires and requirements. Select the length of time you wish to stay, the region/city in Israel where you wish to work, the type of population whom you wish to serve, and the kind of work you wish to do. In addition to volunteer placements, Destination Israel provides a la carte services so you can design a unique travel and lodging experience in Israel. You may elect to book one of the following services: hotel, domestic transportation, day and overnight trips, health insurance, travel insurance, Hebrew ulpan, private lectures on Israeli culture, politics or society, and/or guided museums and/or visits. Program costs $150 plus your selection of a la carte services.

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, a nondenominational coed institute of Jewish studies in Jerusalem, offers one week sessions in January and one months sessions in the summer.

Top Israel Interns
Top Israel Interns is a prestigious provider of both 8 week summer, and 5 month semester internships in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Our programs are suitable for high school graduates, university students and graduates, and young professionals seeking a professional boost or career change. With a selection of over 1000 placements in Israel’s top  companies and organizations, we offer placements in virtually every field and specialization.  In addition to top notch internships, our programs include career advancement training to equip you with all the practical tools you need to succeed professionally i.e. public speaking, personal branding, interview skills, career planning and more. Throughout the program there will be many day trips and tours around the country, weekly social activities, and private Hebrew language classes to equip you with the basic language skills you need to adjust to life in Israel. Included in the program price is upmarket apartment accommodation, located in the social centers of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Our Jerusalem apartments are right in the heart of the city, just moments from the famous Machane Yehuda market, the Old City, and a wide selection of popular bars, cafes and restaurants. Our Tel Aviv apartments are located in the city’s most trendy neighborhoods, only a stone’s throw away from the beach and city center. 

Technion International School of Engineering
This program is a joint course between the Technion and the University of Colorado at Boulder. The courses will focus on appropriate and sustainable technology and small-scale sustainable community planning and development. The course cuts across many technical and non-technical disciplines. This program is unique in that it offers a short-term academic experience in Israel in partnership with students, faculty, and facilities of the most elite engineering school in the country. This Global Seminar allows both engineering and non-engineering students (with the appropriate prerequisites) the opportunity to obtain 3 upper division credits through classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as service-learning development projects. The program moves between two locations: Haifa, home to the Technion Israel Institute of Technology (our partner university), and the Negev Desert, home to Bedouin communities. Haifa, with a population of 260,000, is a major seaport located on Israel’s Mediterranean coast.

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University’s unique summer programs offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn a new language and enroll in inspiring courses in a variety of fields, including contemporary, global, and Middle East topics. TAU International summer programs are designed for students who are willing to challenge themselves with an invigorating academic schedule that combines classroom learning, field trips, overnight trips, guest speakers, evening workshops, social evening events and much more. The summer program track at TAU International is a great option for students who wish to study in Israel but have a limited time frame, or for students who simply want to spend a summer in Tel Aviv and partake in a unique academic experience. TAU International summer programs are taken for credit and can be taken either as part of the curriculum or as an extra activity that expands students’ perspectives for future studies and work.

University of Haifa
The University of Haifa is one of the youngest and one of the fastest growing universities in Israel. During the summer of 2012, we will once again offer our outstanding Intensive Hebrew Summer Ulpan and Intensive Arabic Language Program. We will also offer an academic Study Tour in September. Over the course of a single summer, participants will be able to meet and learn about Israeli society and culture in an entirely new way. Our programs emphasize this unique combination of academic and social experiences. Haifa is the ideal urban setting for a vibrant academic center. Located on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Haifa is marked by an exciting multiculturalism. Long known for its ethnic and religious tolerance, life in the city offers its inhabitants and visitors alike a mosaic of enthralling cultural events: concerts, theater, museums, clubs, cafes and beaches of the golden Mediterranean coastline. The Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, Nazareth, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem are all within easy reach.

Volunteers for Israel (Sar-El)
Volunteers for Israel’s mission is to connect Americans to Israel through volunteer service with civilian organizations and the IDF.We offer an opportunity for one, two, or three-week long programs on IDF bases Participants work, eat, and interact daily with Israeli soldiers as well as other volunteers from all over the world. During participants’ time off of the base, they may travel and enjoy all that Israel has to offer. Room and board (kosher) is covered during the work week. It is a wonderful chance to meet and work with Israelis, while actively assisting Israel and remaining as vibrant and wonderful as it is. In addition to volunteering there are organized tours, lectures, and evening programs. This is an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Israelis, and to see Israel and be in Israel from a very unique perspective. To apply for VFI go to www.vfi-usa.org and download the printable application. After completing the application contact our office to set up an interview.

Weizmann Institute’s The Kupcinet-Getz Program
Each summer, the Weizmann Institute of Science’s annual Kupcinet-Getz International Science School accepts a select number of outstanding undergraduate students to participate in research projects in mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences. It is an enrichment program designated for undergraduate students from all over the world, who are majoring in the Sciences, to experience science first-hand by becoming part of a research group at the Weizmann Institute. Each student is assigned to a laboratory or a theoretical research project under the supervision of an experienced scientist; the students become, for a short time, full-fledged members of the scientific team. It is hoped that this will help the students shape their scientific course and reinforce their commitment to research as a career. The 8-week program is for undergraduate university-level students only, who have completed at least one year of study.

WWOOF: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
WWOOF links volunteers with organic farmers, and helps people share more sustainable ways of living. Volunteer on a kibbutz, moshav, farm, or other private family estates for several hours a day five days a week. In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodations, and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles. Anyone above 18 years old from any nationality can join WWOOF Israel. Volunteers can find different opportunities, such as permaculture, organic garden, green building, cheese making, wine, gray water system, renewable energy, animals care and many more.

Way More Israel Summer 8-week session
In 8 weeks you’ll be able to improve your Hebrew skills, experience Jerusalem, tour around Israel, do some rewarding volunteer projects in addition to a 6 week internship! You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of professional internships.
Your experience living in Jerusalem’s Old City will be enhanced with discussions, workshops and classes on Jewish topics. You’ll also get to know Israeli neighbors and peers as they welcome you into their homes and hearts. The program is highly subsidized – costing only $350!

Big Idea Summer
BIG IDEA is an international technology summer camp in Israel from the creators of eCamp. During the summer, kids and teenagers between the ages 7-18 from over 30 countries around the world, will meet in Israel and enjoy a life changing experience. Over a 2 weeks session, campers will get a hands-on experience including technology, media arts, gaming and more, while also exploring Israeli innovation. Mix it up with fun outdoor activities, wave surfing, and stage arts tracks!
New workshops for summer 2016: virtual reality, photography advanced and chess! There are also many surprises we are keeping to ourselves, so you’ll have to discover them this summer.