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Volunteer / Social Entrepreneurship Experience Galilee

Social Entrepreneurship Experience Galilee

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SEE Galilee Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer ProgramThe See Galilee program is a highly subsidized opportunity available to a select group of up to 10 highly motivated candidates between the ages of 21 and 28 who demonstrate a desire and capability to have an impact in the Galilee.  The participants will travel Israel, receive Ulpan training, connect with warm and friendly host families, meet Israeli peers, and receive education about current events affecting the Jewish community in the United States and Israel.  A key component to the program is the 8 part Social Entrepreneur Empowerment (SEE) program where participants will gain insight, training and inspiration from successful Israeli Social Entrepreneurs impacting life in the Galilee. Participants will be encouraged and nurtured to develop and pursue their own entrepreneurial passions by volunteering in friendly and welcoming communities in the periphery of Israel.

Meaningful service opportunities

Participants will choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities according to their skills, background and interests. Past volunteer opportunities have included assisting local English teachers at a nearby secular elementary school, tutoring high school students before their English proficiency exams, helping in the banana fields of a nearby kibbutz, working with different fruits at a new small business in a nearby moshav, and playing tennis and soccer with kids during lessons, after school and during Shabbat.

Trips & special excursions

Participants will enjoy educational excursions throughout Israel – exploring Israel’s truly unique cities through 10 days of trips.

Host families

Participants are offered to be paired with an Israeli host family with whom they can enjoy Holidays, Shabbat dinners and family outings.

Educational enrichment

Participants will learn about a variety of topics related to Israel including culture, history, politics, religion and current events and social entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit the SEE Galilee program website, or contact their staff.


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