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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

App Development Internship through Masa Israel JourneyAt Heyku, the intern will: build Android version of the company’s current iOS app; work alongside the CTO and CEO to develop Android product; and get valuable experience in a successful app environment.

Heyku is a free mobile social networking service that allows its users to create small, 3 line notes called “heykus.” Users can post heykus to the Heyku app using an iPhone, iPad, and soon will be able to use an Android (operating system) device as well. Users can post these heykus in the app itself or export them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In the Heyku app, users can comment on and like heykus by other users. Heyku is not an alternative to social media, but an enhancement. When writing, users can add a picture to the flip side of their heyku as well as index them via hashtag.

Intern In Tel Aviv through Masa Israel JourneyClarityRay is seeking highly-skilled software development interns to tackle essential Internet CS problems, such as scalability, latency and performance, and storage efficiency, as well as front-end (UI) development.

ClarityRay is the global leader in ad-blocking protection. The company has worked with dozens of premium web publishers as high as the Alexa top #30 to restore ad-inventory lost to ad-blockers and has verified tens of billions of page views. ClarityRay is a rapidly growing company with meaningful industry experience in both world-class start-ups and the Israeli intelligence technological branches.

ClarityRay currently has four full-time employees and is located just off of Rothschild Boulevard at 21 Echad HaAm, the heart of Tel Aviv’s thriving start-up community. ClarityRay is a young company, giving interns the opportunity to make a substantive difference in the company’s success.

The Content Marketing Intern will devise creative strategies to populate the website with content and get user traffic with a small-to-nonexistent budget. The intern will learn and execute social marketing techniques and is expected to lead marketing campaigns driving traffic to the site. The position will also include PR work, guerrilla marketing, creating teasers, copywriting and more. 

PathU changes the way people choose their career paths.  By exposing users to the vast occupational possibilities out there, providing a deep understanding and an insider’s perspective on each position, and by use of vocational psychology matching tests, PathU will provide inspiration and mentoring for following a chosen career path. PathU is a very early stage start-up, opening its first office in Jan 2013. Joining interns will perform as founders; their work and ideas will significantly shape the product and define the company.

The business intelligence analyst will be responsible for building and improving a comprehensive database of the Israeli start-up scene.The database includes start-ups, founders, VC’s, investors and services providers from the Israeli hi-tech industry.

StartIsrael is a new web portal dedicated to entrepreneurship and to the start-up scene in Israel.

The intern will work alongside the company’s business development experts on developing, creating and implementing marketing strategy.

TrendiGuru is a plugin for fashion bloggers and websites to automatically tag and link clothing to buy. Like the “pin it” button, fashionistas will be able to click the TrendiGuru button to purchase items found in pictures on their favorite fashion blogs, apps, and websites. TrendiGuru- We Make Clothing Clickable!

Wibbitz Internship through Masa Israel Journey

You will take part in the revolution of news consumption and will join the Wibbitz content team. You should be passionate about the news industry and have wide area of interests in news, politics, finance, sports and sntertainment.

Responsibilities include finding trends in world news researching for specific events, analysis of Wibbitz clips, collaborating on content for Wibbitz platform, assisting in quality assurance when needed, and being an active participant in Wibbitz Happy Hour :)

Wibbitz is a technology startup aiming to change the way we consume information on mobile devices. Wibbitz automatically re-packages textual content into rich and informative video summaries that can be watched conveniently on mobile screens, at home or on the go. Wibbitz is very cool and young company located in the heart of Tel Aviv.

As a communication intern at PresenTense you will be responsible for managing the company’s wide range of media and web content. Your duties will include building and improving existing media (website, video, streams, and photo database on Flickr).

PresenTense is a largely volunteer-run community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who are investing their ideas and energy to revitalize the established Jewish community. PresenTense fosters the next generation of social entrepreneurs by helping innovators and entrepreneurs build new ideas into transformational ventures.

Online Sales Internship through Masa Israel JourneyInterns will join the online marketing and sales team, developing leads, building marketing strategies, and creating content to be published.

Maclocks is one of the leading manufacturers and designers of mobile computer (tablets) hardware security with a focus on Apple devices. Maclocks works with many of Fortune 1000 companies to strategically deploy tablets in their workforce.

Over 8,000 businesses worldwide have created a site with Page2site. They are increasing focus on North America, and are looking for open-minded, driven individuals. If you are passionate about online and social media, this is an opportunity to join a great team and revolutionize the small business marketing world. What you will learn: The ins and outs of the start-up world, cutting edge advertising technologies, research and analysis methods, and getting great things done.

Key areas of responsibility include: Engaging businesses abroad, via email, chat and phone; researching small business associations and organizations; researching small business resources and databases; taking an active part in the company’s social media and content activity; participating in brainstorming sessions and contributing information and insights; and helping to manage the company’s online advertising campaigns.

Page2site thinks every person or business should have a professional website. Creating a website doesn’t have to require long hours of work – it should be simple, fast and fun. Regardless of your knowledge and skills, they think you should enjoy the latest technology, and get a content-rich and beautifully designed website. Page2site introduces a paradigm-shift in the way websites are created and managed. They focus on the most important ingredient in every successful website – rich and fresh content. The Page2site solution relies on the power of user-generated content to benefit you, the users. Continue using social media for your business – your site will update automatically, so it is always filled with fresh content.

callappCallApp is looking for a graphic designer proficient in the use of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Understanding of coding is a plus. The graphic designer will create collateral for social networks, maintain the company company website, and assist in branding. The intern should be a strong team player with a love for design.

CallApp is a startup company located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The company was selected as one of the 20 most promising start-ups in the world – and presented as finalists at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. CallApp is on a mission to provide the ultimate communication experience.

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