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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

Google-israel-300x261Google’s software engineers develop the next-generation technologies that change how millions of users connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. Google’s ambitions reach far beyond just Search. Their products need to handle information at the the scale of the web. Google is looking for ideas from every area of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, and user interface design; the list goes on and is growing every day. As a software engineer, you work on a small team and can switch teams and projects as Google’s fast-paced business grows and evolves. Google needs its engineers to be versatile and passionate to tackle new problems as they continue to push technology forward. As a key member of a small and versatile team, you design, test, deploy and maintain software solutions.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since the beginning, Google has focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether by designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, the company takes great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve users, rather than internal goals or the bottom line.

aniwaysThe Android developer will create top end UI components through the use of smart algorithms and by overcoming performance challenges. You will own Android development within an exceptional, interdisciplinary team of fellow developers and designers to create inspired, polished and effective work that you can be excited by and proud of.

Aniways is looking for…:
-A gifted engineer with solid Android development skills
-An engineer who has an eye for taking pixel perfect mobile designs and executing them into apps; someone who obsesses over “getting it right”
-A personality who is comfortable talking to team members and clients about their code and who can effectively work with other engineering disciplines (i.e. web services teams) as part of a team
-Someone who is in love with Android and Android devices
-Proactive and thoughtful – you will be surrounded by talent, not managed
-A collaborative spirit – you’ll be an important member of an impressive team and work directly alongside other disciplines to make great work better

-At least 3 years experience developing notable mobile apps for Android
-Well versed in web services (JSON, etc.) and integrating them with mobile apps
-Proven experience in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
-Experience working in both highly structured and less formal QA environments
-Must be highly self-motivated with the ability to work on multiple initiatives
-Must have a high degree of flexibility and can-do attitude
-Well versed in Git and code collaboration methodologies

Aniways develops an SDK for adding intelligence and interaction to mobile communication services, giving any chat/IM/social networking service a beautiful way to monetize their traffic.

We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual with experience and skills in web content management to create, develop and manage content for the Crowder website. Our ideal intern is a creative writer, has a bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Technical Writing or a related field and has passion, integrity and energy!

Crowder is a crowd-funding equity platform for Israeli start-ups.

Environmental Internship with Ayyeka Technologies through Masa Israel JourneyThe mechanical engineering intern will work on projects related to design of the housing of the remote monitoring devices. This position involves SolidWords and CAD work. Requires working with the engineering and business development team, minor administrative tasks, and interns need to be self-sufficient and directed, good at working in teams, motivated, and eager to learn.

Ayyeka Technologies is a start-up company based out of Jerusalem, developing smart remote water monitoring technology which is used to monitor water quality and water parameters of municipalities and industry. Tested at over 80 sites throughout Israel, Ayyeka is looking to expand into the European and American markets.

Marketing and Communications Internship through Masa Israel Journey

The intern will work closely with the CEO, focusing on marketing and communications efforts geared toward Tomodo’s users, utilizing various channels of outreach.

Tomodo is a start-up company developing unique technology that enables anyone to create new websites by modifying existing ones and publishing the newly modified version under a new domain accessible to anyone from any browser platform or device.

The intern will work alongside the company’s business development experts on developing, creating and implementing marketing strategy.

TrendiGuru is a plugin for fashion bloggers and websites to automatically tag and link clothing to buy. Like the “pin it” button, fashionistas will be able to click the TrendiGuru button to purchase items found in pictures on their favorite fashion blogs, apps, and websites. TrendiGuru- We Make Clothing Clickable!

Intern in Tel Aviv at a startup through Masa Israel Journeywefi is looking for a data analyst Analyst with a background in research to analyze large quantities of data. wefi has a dynamic work environment, fast pace, short development cycles and many unexplored areas. The intern must be familiar with SQL language and have experience in analyzing large quantities of data.

wefi is a key innovator and a market leader in mobile broadband Smart Always Best Connection solution and heterogeneous network management.

wefi offers a complete network of solutions that enable providers and operators to make the best decisions for their user experience.

trendiguru1The intern will work aside the CTO or the algorithm expert, helping to perfect the company’s product for the market.

TrendiGuru is a plugin for fashion bloggers and websites to automatically tag and link clothing to buy. Like the “pin it” button, fashionistas will be able to click the TrendiGuru button to purchase items found in pictures on their favorite fashion blogs, apps, and websites. TrendiGuru- We Make Clothing Clickable!

As an intern, you will be responsible for performing market research and providing insight on new market entry. You’ll execute and analyze the success of marketing campaigns and advertisements. The Marketing Coordinator will also be responsible for online and social media marketing – updating our blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You’ll have the chance to work with the marketing manager to develop case studies, direct marketing templates, customer appreciation letters and interpret customer purchasing statistics.

Tzunami Inc. is a leading provider of Microsoft SharePoint Migration solutions. Tzunami Deployer, the company’s flagship migration tool, saves up to 90% of traditional migration time, lowering labor costs and providing quick access to more accurate content. Offering a user-friendly solution to real-world business challenges, Tzunami Deployer effortlessly transfers data from older Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM).

A StickyTacs internship will enable you to develop, manage and solve technical aspects related to the global digital social media and internet market. Interns will gain developing experience on leading social networks such as Facebook API, Google SDK (including YouTube, Drive, Docs, Maps etc), Twitter API, Instagram API and more. StickyTacs specializes in PHP, MySql, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Cloud Hosting and Git. Responsibilities will include working together with the marketing and technical teams to plan and structure new ideas as well as with the StickyTacs technical team to develop new features.

StickyTacs is an innovative social application platform start-up that was developed in Israel by Social-ly Ltd. StickyTacs allows any brand to create a social app for mobile devices or desktops without prior knowledge in programming. StickTacs currently works with top brands and leading figures in Israel, Russia, UK, and more.

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