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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

Startup Internship in IsraelVoiceItt invites you to join the team, taking on an important role in a venture that will dramatically improve the quality of life of millions of people with severe disabilities.

You will have a chance to fully experience the Start-Up nation by working in a vibrant Israeli Start-Up developing cutting edge technologies, creating multinational business ties, and working for a good cause. This internship will involve research of innovative voice technologies and real-time implementation for mobile devices. You will have a chance to design the system’s structure and facilitate the implementation on Android Apps.

VoiceItt develops a revolutionary patent pending solution that will enable people with speech impairments to naturally communicate with anyone using their own voice, translating their distorted pronunciation to understandable speech.

Intern In Tel Aviv through Masa Israel JourneyClarityRay is seeking highly-skilled software development interns to tackle essential Internet CS problems, such as scalability, latency and performance, and storage efficiency, as well as front-end (UI) development.

ClarityRay is the global leader in ad-blocking protection. The company has worked with dozens of premium web publishers as high as the Alexa top #30 to restore ad-inventory lost to ad-blockers and has verified tens of billions of page views. ClarityRay is a rapidly growing company with meaningful industry experience in both world-class start-ups and the Israeli intelligence technological branches.

ClarityRay currently has four full-time employees and is located just off of Rothschild Boulevard at 21 Echad HaAm, the heart of Tel Aviv’s thriving start-up community. ClarityRay is a young company, giving interns the opportunity to make a substantive difference in the company’s success.

Lavi Capital Ltd. is an independent corporate finance advisory firm specializing in the infrastructure and utilities fields. Lavi Capital Ltd. is a subsidiary of the French investment bank “La Compagnie Financiere du Lion” in Tel Aviv, chaired by Mr. Yarom Ariav, former director general of the ministry of Finance of Israel.

The intern should have good understanding of the worldwide energy sector especially in the Israeli field, and should continuously look for ways to enhance reporting with forward-looking and insightful information. Interns should have at least a BA in Finance, good management skills, and be able to manage very high level contacts.

BaKehila is looking for interns with a background in marketing, who are interested in working with graphic design, editing, social media and PR.  In addition, interns have the opportunity to take on a leadership role within BaKehila’s educational programs.

BaKehila, meaning “in the community,” runs educational programming in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Jerusalem with the goal of raising student academic achievement while promoting personal and social growth and participation.

As an intern your responsibilities will vary from developing an emotional connection with the young people to guiding the children or youth in the style of a “big brother/sister”.  To qualify for this internship you will need a basic level of Hebrew.

Orr Shalom is Israel’s largest non-profit organization providing residential and therapeutic services to youth at risk who have been removed from their homes by the social welfare services due to severe abuse and/or neglect.

Web-eyez is looking to fill two positions:

1. Business development Analyst – the bizdev manager will be in charge of competitive analysis, analyzing webeyez’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to define the company’s product, and finding potential clients and partnerships.

2. C# or mobile developer – the developer will join the R&D team and develop the company’s product using the latest available high-end technologies on the market today.

Web-eyez is in late development stages of a revolutionary solution to measure, analyze, visualize and monitor websites performance in realtime, from the end-user perspective, providing website owners an insight of their real client’s experience, which allows them to easily optimize performance, and potentially increase revenues.

Telalivit is a brand new project looking to become a start-up in the next  six months to one year. This is a great opportunity to experience and learn about starting a business/start-up.

The Project Manager’s responsibilities  include: Researching, writing, editing information for website content (visiting government agencies and recording steps for new olim); updating events on website (collecting information from Facebook and speaking to party promoters, clubs, bars, collecting flyers around Tel Aviv); managing online PR materials, (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube); marketing website in home countries; working with other Project Managers to develop and enrich the website and various projects; and meeting various new olim and other visitors here in Tel Aviv to research other projects and collect feedback from website; and translation of website (to French, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Amharic)

www.telalivit.com is a localized social network for new residents and visitors to Tel Aviv providing events, socializing, networking, jobs, accommodation, aliyah information and more. The Telalivit network facilitates the settling of new immigrants and encourages them to contribute to Israeli society; advance integration among the various immigrant groups in Tel Aviv and Israel and provide the international community a brand of Israel with which they can relate to.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority is looking for an intern with a rich background in media, and experience in journalism, writing and filmmaking.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority is an Israel television station that is known throughout Israel as a highly respected authority for broadcasting Israeli and world news in English.

The intern’s responsibilities include performing independent market research on trends in the world of online learning; suggesting a plan of action and working to accomplish goals; and working with professors and teaching assistants to design classes and class materials (this may include anything from proofreading to assisting in the actual production of the course videos).

Coursera of The TAU Business Development Corporation is a for-profit company that was founded in 2012 by the University with the goal of developing and initiating new sources of revenue. The Business Development Corp. operates and supervises a number of different commercial development projects, including real estate, financial advising for on-campus units, projects designed to maximize potential revenue, and project management. One of the first projects in the ‘maximizing potential revenue’ category is the agreement with Coursera.

Jerusalem U looking for an intern with a passion for Israel, Zionism and Middle Eastern affairs to fill the position of writer/researcher/administrator. Responsibilities include researching internet articles on Israel and the Middle East; writing short articles based on the results of your research; social media content creation and posting; and administration and data analysis using Excel. This is an unpaid internship for 10 hours a week.

Jerusalem U is a leading online portal for Jewish distance learning with a vision to transform Jewish and Israel education for the 21st century, and to inspire, unify, and activate people of all ages as passionate supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.

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