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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

The intern’s responsibilities include performing independent market research on trends in the world of online learning; suggesting a plan of action and working to accomplish goals; and working with professors and teaching assistants to design classes and class materials (this may include anything from proofreading to assisting in the actual production of the course videos).

Coursera of The TAU Business Development Corporation is a for-profit company that was founded in 2012 by the University with the goal of developing and initiating new sources of revenue. The Business Development Corp. operates and supervises a number of different commercial development projects, including real estate, financial advising for on-campus units, projects designed to maximize potential revenue, and project management. One of the first projects in the ‘maximizing potential revenue’ category is the agreement with Coursera.

As an intern at Gan Discovery, you will work alongside an experienced pre-school teacher with a group of 9 children. You will have the responsibility of helping to take care of all of the children’s basic needs as well as setting up and running their educational, recreational and creative activities.

Gan Discovery is one of Jerusalem’s most prestigious and predominantly English-speaking child care centers. Gan Discovery specializes in providing a warm and healthy environment which spurs the growth of their students.

The international association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (NGO) is looking for an intern in the fields of International Law, Human Rights, and the fight against Anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and terror.
Responsibilities include legal and general research that concerns the Association’s agenda; writing papers, prepare briefing and creating PowerPoint presentations; and uploading materials to the Association’s website while assisting in re-writing the Association’s web presence and branding.

The intern’s responsibilities will be highly diverse according to the project currently on the agenda. Preference to people who majored in International Law either at the University or as practitioners.

The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, founded in 1969 by three well known jurists: Rene Cassem, a Nobel Prize Laureate, Arthur Goldberg of the United State Supreme Court, and Haim Cohen, Deputy Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Israel, was established, primarily, in order to further the cause of human rights, to act against Anti-Semitism and the denial of the Holocaust, and to act against all forms of racism manifested against any people. The Association has the status of a recognized NGO in the United Nations and in the Council of Europe, and its representatives regularly participate in various discussions conducted in United Nations institutions and in the Council of Europe. The IAJLJ uses its specialty in Law to promote its agenda and vision. The Association has representatives in many countries and deals with matters that are of interest to the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

Jewish Education Internship through Masa Israel JourneyThe intern’s responsibilities will include: producing online courses by working together with the lecturer, including filming, editing, brainstorming activities, and uploading materials; administration of online courses and online websites; and interviewing lecturers and students and producing articles for the Facebook page of Melton.

The Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the premier institutions of Jewish education, is actively responding to the challenges of Jewish communities around the world through research, degree courses, teacher training and curricular development, as well as through interactive educational projects with youth and adults worldwide.

The Melton Centre sees the educational engagement of its faculty and student body with the central texts of the Jewish tradition as one of its primary goals. It seeks to ensure that its students are equipped to join the ongoing conversation on life and learning that has characterized Jewish civilization throughout the ages.

alt="masa israel intern save a childs heart"As the Program Coordinator at SACH, you will be given the opportunity to work directly with children and parents seeking medical care in Israel.  In addition, you will work with the administrative staff in the areas of fund-raising and public relations.

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli-based international humanitarian project, whose mission is to improve the quality of pediatric care for children from developing countries. SACH achieves this work by bringing children with life-threatening heart diseases from the developing world to undergo heart surgery in Israel, while also training doctors from those countries to perform such surgeries.

Wishi is looking for someone with prior experience in the fashion field as well as someone who is dedicated to the industry. As an intern you will have the opportunity to help build the company and take part in the first steps, bringing new ideas and building new ways of thinking.

Wishi: The Social Dressing Room, is an innovative company. The new startup has unique ideas concerning clothing sharing, tips for styling and creating a vibrant fashion community.

Our intern will be involved in international relations and promotion of Israeli businesses abroad via delegations, seminars, conferences and educational days regarding foreign markets, investing, as well as information about exhibitions. The intern’s main project will be to create new connections with the World Chamber of Commerce, expand business opportunities and conduct research.

Daily tasks will include initiating contact and cooperation with international economic organizations, ambassadors, business delegations and owners of foreign companies, hosting high level business delegations from all over the world and organizing outgoing missions, offering business development services and consultation to Israeli companies dealing with international trade and planning events, seminars and conferences for Israeli and foreign companies.

The organization promotes Israeli businesses abroad. It is a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan organization dedicated to a market economy and free enterprise. As the country’s largest employers association, it is one of the leading members of the coordinating council of Israel’s economic organization and represents the interests of Israel’s business sector, including exporters and importers, wholesale and retail, services and manufacturers

The Israeli Football League is looking for a sports writer to write about various aspects of the league, the teams and specific players of the League. The interns will travel to team practices, games and possibly meet with individual players and/or coaches to conduct interviews. The work the interns produce will be publicized on the league website, possibly team websites as well as other possible media channels.

The IFL began in 2007 and is now entering its seventh year of activity continuing to expand each year. The first year began with four teams, second year with five, third year with seven, continuing to currently eleven teams. The season takes place from beginning of November to the middle of April.

Web-eyez is looking to fill two positions:

1. Business development Analyst – the bizdev manager will be in charge of competitive analysis, analyzing webeyez’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to define the company’s product, and finding potential clients and partnerships.

2. C# or mobile developer – the developer will join the R&D team and develop the company’s product using the latest available high-end technologies on the market today.

Web-eyez is in late development stages of a revolutionary solution to measure, analyze, visualize and monitor websites performance in realtime, from the end-user perspective, providing website owners an insight of their real client’s experience, which allows them to easily optimize performance, and potentially increase revenues.

webbingIf you’re addicted to Twitter and want to make valuable career connections, this is the internship for you. We’re looking for a sharp intern with great communication skills to enhance our online public relations message using cutting-edge methods. As long as you are hard-working, innovative, sociable and adventurous, you’ll come away with great tools for any future position in PR and Marketing.

Webbing is the hottest new interest-based social networking platform that’s launching right now on a US college campus! Webbing is where shared interests lay the foundation for creative collaboration, and even spark new connections. Instead of making content to share with friends, Webbing is about making friends by sharing content.

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