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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

roomerlogoRoomer is looking for a passionate programmer who is a hard-worker motivated to overcome challenges, team-oriented and works well with other people, and excited to learn and try new things. It doesn’t matter if you know big data, web development, or security… Roomer will find a place for you.

Roomer is a young, fun and ambitious startup located in central Tel Aviv, whose vision is to become the marketplace for travel. Roomer connects travelers who are stuck with a nonrefundable hotel room with those looking for a last minute, discounted accommodation. Sellers post their rooms for sale, Roomer uses an automated validation mechanism to verify the authenticity of each reservation and buyers book their hotel rooms just like they would using any other travel website. Think of it as the ultimate win-win situation: person one doesn’t end up losing all his money on a hotel room he can’t use while person two scores an awesome hotel room for a healthy discount.

Theater Assistant Internship in Jerusalem through Masa Israel Journey

At the Khan Theater you will be able to intern in four different areas of production: Building and taking down sets, sometimes during the show; providing light assistance to the lighting crew- experience is an advantage; assisting the costumer during shows and rehearsals; and as an assistant to the make-up artists before and during shows.

This internship will expose you behind the scenes of serious and very professional theater work. The internship varies in hours and is predominately in the afternoon-evening hours.

The Khan Theater is the only producing repertoire-theater in Jerusalem today and is considered to be one of the leading in the country. The Theater provides productions each evening, at times twice in the same day when traveling with one of the plays outside Jerusalem.

Join our team and develop cutting-edge innovative data applications! Mining Science is a Tel Aviv start-up that develops and provides high-end Data Mining and Big Data solutions. As an intern, you’ll be responsible for short-term small-to-mid-scale projects selected to specifically suited to your interests. Daily tasks may include research, testing data models and program development.  As an intern, you will tackle complex data challenges using Machine Learning, Data Mining and mathematics. Programming is a valuable asset but not a must.

Mining Science leverages Machine Learning and mathematics to tackle complex data challenges. Mining Science’s predictive analytics, mining and deductive reasoning capabilities enable access to critical intelligence otherwise unknown. Some of the technologies used at Mining Science include Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Networks, API architecture, mathematics, AWS (cloud infra.) and Python.

PR internship through Masa Israel JourneyBy joining GK PR’s small team of four working on international PR, interns will gain experience in a wide range of duties from researching relevant media outlets and creating media lists to pitching journalists with a story idea or writing news releases. There are also multiple trade shows and industry events that the organization attends throughout the year at which interns assist the organization on the ground.

GK PR is a full service PR firm that shares the stories of Israeli technology companies with the U.S. media – both top-tier and trade.

GK is the leading provider of international Investor Relations services to Israel-based Companies. Established by international Investment Bank analysts, and with over 6,000 global investment contacts, GK is your partner for understanding and connecting with the global investment community. GK is the international arm of Gelbart-Kahana, Israel’s largest investor and public relations firm. GK is also partnered with LHA, a leading provider of investor relations services with offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Together, GK and LHA provide Israeli companies high-level investor relations and communications counsel they need to access international capital markets and elevate their profile with global investors, analysts and the international media.

Israel-Asia CenterThe Israel-Asia Center seeks a tech-savvy native English speaker who will have a hand in every aspect of the organization’s communications efforts. The intern will assist in the completion of a new website on Wix, which s/he will also manage and update regularly. Additionally, the intern will manage IAC’s presence across social media channels, and write the organization’s online newsletters and marketing materials.

The intern will be responsible for photographing and filming  IAC events, activities and interviews. Therefore, s/he must have experience in photography and videography, as well as photo and film editing and management.

Knowledge of- or experience in Asia is preferred.

The Israel-Asia Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a shared future between Israel and Asia. We develop and invest in the next generation of leaders in Israel-Asia relations, and are growing dynamic networks to maximize their continued engagement and build new paradigms for cooperation.

TAU_Logo_HomePage_EngOne of Tel Aviv University’s leading psychologists seeks an intern to help research how political violence, terrorism and other crises affect the resilience of children, focusing on post traumatic stress and intervention models that positively affect children’s resilience.

The intern will be responsible for research activities, interviewing, administering questionnaires, observation, coding data,  and assisting with research papers. The intern will also videotape sessions between child and a psychologist from behind a two way mirror

Situated in Israel’s cultural, financial and technological capital, Tel Aviv University shares Tel Aviv’s unshakable spirit of openness and innovation – and boasts a campus life as dynamic and pluralistic as the metropolis itself. Tel Aviv the city and Tel Aviv the university are one and the same – a thriving Mediterranean center of diversity and discovery.

Consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world in terms of scientific citations and among the top 100 universities internationally, Tel Aviv University is also Israel’s first choice for students, and its graduates are the most sought after by Israeli companies. Global in outlook and impact, TAU advances teaching and research that break down the walls between disciplines, striving to address the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges through bold, interdisciplinary solutions.

bird foundationThe Business Development intern will conduct web research and analysis of business opportunities for the Foundation.

BIRD Foundation is a US-Israel Joint Foundation, supported by the two governments endowment of some 37 years ago, and we continuously support joint R&D between US and Israeli companies. They are involved in all kind of companies, from Pfizer to startups in all kind of technology space, not Life Science alone.

The communication technology intern will conduct online research, update the company’s website, YouTube channel, and CRM, create slides for presentations, and handle other similar responsibilities.

Make a Point is a boutique training and consulting firm specializing in any opportunity to deliver a message to an audience through workshops, private tutorials, consulting, and remote consulting. Make a Point works on messaging, visuals and delivery (both face-to-face and virtual) and have created a “messaging GPS” to take clients from ideas to the words they will say. It is the first online message crafting tool. Make a Point works globally in a variety of languages. Programs are tailored to each client’s needs, often in preparation for a specific upcoming high-stakes speaking opportunity. Sessions with their experts guarantee a significant upgrade in both content and delivery style. And yes, Make a Point makes it all fun.

As an intern you will take part in legal and/or economic comparative research that will be part of the Forum’s policy papers. You will be given the opportunity to attend meetings in the Knesset and expert conferences on major policy issues every few weeks.

The Kohelet Policy Forum is a non-partisan entity established by Professor Moshe Koppel, who now serves as the Forum’s Chairman, together with several leading Israeli academics, public intellectuals and activists. It relies on private donations and does not accept direct or indirec public funds from any government, domestic or foreign. The Forum’s legislative research, policy papers, and other researc- based products are offered to Israeli decision makers free of charge. The Forum maintains an open door policy and is always on the lookout for likeminded people who are working to strengthen Israel through ideas and innovation.

Genetics/Microbiology Research Assistant Internship Through Masa Israel Journey

The intern will work conduct Genetics/Molecular Biology/Microbiology lab work with a graduate student on a research project investigating chromosome dynamics in the yeast Candida albicans.

Tel Aviv University (TAU) – Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning – is home to over 30,000 students studying in nine faculties and over 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and the arts.

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