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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

Research Internship through Masa Israel JourneyInterns will conduct research on specific projects, assist in other projects, and work on some design projects.

BINA Molecular Photonics Lab is a university lab associated with Bar-Ilan University. They do research on molecular photonics which is the interaction between light and matter.

3b19cefImperson is looking for an intern who is passionate about digital media. Intern responsibilities will include writing great content about pop culture and Hollywood celebrities. The intern will also contribute to market research and social media, and explore additional opportunities in digital production, such as programming, interactive design, animation, graphic design, maintaining and updating unique data systems, coding and more.

This position offers the unique opportunity for the intern to interact directly with the founders of the company during the public launch of its technologies. Imperson’s founders developed numerous Fortune 500 companies and pioneered Israel’s hi-tech scene. The intern will join a team of successful entrepreneurs while gaining hands-on experience in hi-tech innovation.

Imperson is a hi-tech startup creating a completely new type of digital media that breaks all the borders between interactive design and social storytelling. Imperson’s virtual personality combines mobile technology with artificial intelligence to create a state-of-the-art interactive user-experience.

eco wave powerEco Wave Power seeks an intern to help its business development team locate and nurture relationships with potential clients, investors, and government officials from all over the world.

-Screen potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities.
-Develop negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials; estimating partners’ needs and goals.
-Participate in building and modifying business plans, and marketing strategies.
-Assist in creating business proposals, help management direct and structure deals and create roadmaps for potential collaborations.

Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer, headquartered in Israel. EWP’s technologies (The Wave Clapper and the Power Wing) are “smart” wave generation systems, which use uniquely shaped buoys to capture and convert wave energy into low-cost, clean electricity.


alt="check point anti malware intern israel"A well-known method for determining the trust level in a given executable is by its reputation. Based on this info, the security system can decide if the file should be allowed, blocked, allowed with some restrictions, or moved to dipper analysis. In some cases, the file is known to be good or bad, for example by anti-malware signatures. However, in most cases, there is no way to know if the file is harmful or not. In these cases, we can apply various techniques to estimate the file reputations.

The project’s goals are to retrieve and generate file reputation from multiple sources, and to develop techniques to estimate this reputation.

-Expertise in one of the following programming languages: C/C++/java/C#/Python
-Rapid development capabilities
-Understanding of attacks and threat prevention, not required but advantageous
-Ability to learn fast and independently
-Ability to work independently

Check Point Software Technologies is the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. Making Internet communications and critical data secure, reliable and available everywhere has been and continues to be our ongoing vision. We are committed to staying focused on real customer needs and to developing new and innovative security solutions that redefine the security landscape.

mobilibuyWith the release of its mobile app, retail platform and content management system, Moibilibuy seeks an intern to help develop and implement a quality assurance testing methodology. Furthermore, the intern will assist with operational and business development tasks.

-Collaborate closely with development team to test products through entire release cycle.
-Design and develop tests infrastructure for various app features and modules, as well as web-based applications.
-Design and develop functional test plans/specifications, testing strategy and test cases.
-Develop, execute and maintain manual and automated test procedures.
-Participate in test case creation and execution, and define areas for further automation or improvement.

Mobilibuy is a retail platform and content management system that enables brands and retailers to expand their businesses and open virtual stores in any physical location on any type of media asset (outdoor posters, billboards, print ads, TV ads and dynamic digital screens), and enables consumers to shop on-the-go using their smartphones.

Routier.ltdroutierlogo The business development intern will prepare analytic information for the senior management and
monitor implementation of the results of the analysis. Responsibilities include adding leads to the potential international customers/partnerships funnel, analyzing competitors, facilitating Skype meetings with international executives, dealing with customer acquisitions and developing different business models.

Preferred qualifications:
* Knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint
* Motivated learner and Team player
* An eye for aesthetics
* Charismatic

Routier developed a B2B SaaS platform to help businesses generate revenues and increase customer engagement using the WiFi network. Routier is a graduate of Startup Bootcamp Berlin, the number one start-up accelerator program in Europe.

dreameAs the Marketing Campaign Manager, you will: provide creative input, contact journalists and organize events around Dreame’s up-and-coming global exhibition; become involved with the strategic decisions to be made around Artify; join meetings about merchandise expansion and communicate with potential affiliates around the world; assist in managing all the social media for Dreame; and help assess Beta users’ experience of the app.

Dreame is a web platform for the interaction between our conscious and subconscious lives with intuitive tools to enable us to remember, log and learn from our dreams. It includes an app that has micro-sharing, intuitive features to record the dreams upon waking up. Dreame launched its beta in April 2014. There is currently an APPetizer with a website whereby dreams can be illustrated with plans to grow globally and create a large online exhibition of dreams from all over the world.

freshubThe intern will work on a team scaling up an innovative product recognition system. To be considered, the candidate needs to be a native English speaker with first hand knowledge of giant US retailers.

Freshub is developing a platform that powers advanced smart home appliances such as smart refrigerators. Freshub’s platform leverages proprietary input features, speech recognition and replenishment algorithms to power truly easy and efficient product re-stocking and other home-related services.

alt="fusic community manager social media intern masa israel"Have passion for music? Addicted to Twitter? Can’t stay away from your Instagram? Want to be working with the biggest music labels in the world? Then we’re looking for you! Fusic is looking for a part-time community & social networks manager to join the team!

Requirements for the position:
-Mother Tongue English* – Must
-Knowledge of the US or UK teen market
-Knowledge of Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook
-Creative writing skills
-Out of the box thinker , enthusiastic and creative

Fusic is young Israeli startup who developed a social video platform that gives the selfie a major upgrade, from mere photo to full-blown music video. The fusic app lets users create a video of themselves singing or lip-syncing duets with their favourite artists, uploading their version of a song and “Fusing” it with the official music video seen on MTV or YouTube.

*Fusic also seeks a native Portuguese-speaking Community Manager

alt="survey of israel internship"The intern will be responsible for for editing and proof-reading maps, and various projects related to the national geographic information system (GIS). The GIS serves as a basis for planning and execution of engineering projects, navigation, defense, emergency management, environmental problems, research and development, and tourism.

Survey of Israel is the government agency for mapping, geodesy, cadastre and geoinformatics. The Survey is responsible for the national infrastructure in these areas as well as for a number of official functions.

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