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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

Environmental NGO Internship through Masa Israel JourneyAs an intern at Zalul, you will:

–  Assist with beach clean up events, including event logistics and participation
–  Support educational programming for North American youth groups traveling in Israel
–  Update Zalul’s blog and website with current news and information
–  Aid in research for various environmental campaigns
–  Assist in maintaining Zalul’s English website and social media pages
–  Participate in campaigns and promotional activities at universities and other events throughout Israel
–  Research grants and assist in resource development
–  Assist with daily office management and various administrative duties

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to join a small and very dynamic team of environmental innovators and get real life experience in the field of environmental activism, policy, communication, education and fundraising.

Zalul (“clear”, in Hebrew) is one of Israel’s leading environmental NGOs, dedicated to protecting the seas and rivers of Israel. Zalul accomplishes its mission through conservation, activism, research, awareness-raising, and education. It challenges Israel’s existing power structure and strives to bring the issues of water preservation and environmental protection to the forefront of the Israeli public. Zalul was founded in 1999 by a few concerned citizens who recognized the imperative need for environmental activism and advocacy in Israel. The group continues to wage strategic campaigns that target unchallenged municipalities, corporations, and the national government on the basis of their negligence and destruction of Israel’s most essential natural resource – water.

Zalul is responsible for some of the leading campaigns for water protection in Israel in recent years. It tackles environmental issues that other organizations shy away from, such as the preservation of the coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba) and the fight for removal of the fish cages from the Red Sea, the establishment of environmental regulations for offshore oil and gas drilling, and many local battles against municipalities and industrial companies that pollute rivers and streams.

As a communication intern at PresenTense you will be responsible for managing the company’s wide range of media and web content. Your duties will include building and improving existing media (website, video, streams, and photo database on Flickr).

PresenTense is a largely volunteer-run community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who are investing their ideas and energy to revitalize the established Jewish community. PresenTense fosters the next generation of social entrepreneurs by helping innovators and entrepreneurs build new ideas into transformational ventures.

As an intern at Gan Discovery, you will work alongside an experienced pre-school teacher with a group of 9 children. You will have the responsibility of helping to take care of all of the children’s basic needs as well as setting up and running their educational, recreational and creative activities.

Gan Discovery is one of Jerusalem’s most prestigious and predominantly English-speaking child care centers. Gan Discovery specializes in providing a warm and healthy environment which spurs the growth of their students.

The finance/business analyst intern will assist the CEO in management of company’s finances.

CAR2GO is a car sharing service in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan. Members of the service can access a fleet of diversified vehicles. Cars be taken from a few hours to a few days, and customers only pay for what they use. Fuel, parking, insurance and all the hassle is on the company.

SingTel Israel Internship through Masa Israel Journey

SingTel is looking for highly intelligent, technology-savvy interns to work on two initiatives in Israel: innov8, a corporate venture capital fund, and L!ifeLabs @ Israel, an open-innovation and Scouting-Marketing-partnerships activity.

Responsibilities may include technology scouting and dealflow management support, attending startup events and presenting SingTel to startup companies, business development both externally and internally in SingTel (i.e helping to showcase startups internally and engage business owners), as well as helping to shape the innovation process in the new GDL Business Unit (Group Digital Life).

Required skills
• Very strong communication skills – written and oral
• Hands on motivated go-getter that can take a project and see it through
• Team player, emphatic and sociable with a no-ego mindset
• Tech savvy

The SingTel Group is Asia’s leading communications group with almost 500 million mobile subscribers, providing a diverse range of communication services and solutions, including fixed, mobile, data, Internet, info-communications technology, satellite and pay TV. In addition, the SingTel Group is a long-term strategic investor in regional mobile operators in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand.

SingTel’s L!feLabs @ Israel focuses on reaching out to the Israel innovation community, developing SingTel’s capabilities in key focus areas as well as conducting proof of concepts leading to the commercialization of products and services. The organization is focused on creating new growth engines by delighting customers with innovative and cutting-edge digital services beyond traditional telephony, mobile, broadband and video offerings.

SingTel Innov8 (Innov8), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SingTel Group, is a corporate Venture Capital fund, with its own set of decision making, approval and funding processes. It has an initial fund size of $250 million.

Web-eyez is looking to fill two positions:

1. Business development Analyst – the bizdev manager will be in charge of competitive analysis, analyzing webeyez’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to define the company’s product, and finding potential clients and partnerships.

2. C# or mobile developer – the developer will join the R&D team and develop the company’s product using the latest available high-end technologies on the market today.

Web-eyez is in late development stages of a revolutionary solution to measure, analyze, visualize and monitor websites performance in realtime, from the end-user perspective, providing website owners an insight of their real client’s experience, which allows them to easily optimize performance, and potentially increase revenues.

vinci works logoVinciWorks is looking for a Marketing Strategist who will look at its current strategy, question it, and present new ideas. In this position, you will have the freedom to hypothesize new market opportunities and test your assumptions.

As the new Marketing Strategist, you will write some emails, discuss grammar, bat down bad ideas, and maybe build some spreadsheets.

When you leave you will have gained knowledge and experience in: HTML, design, Markdown, Evernote, GTD, coffee, branding, marketing, PR, SEO, Adwords.

We sell our products to stuffy corporate lawyers. We want to sell more of those products and/or other products to more lawyers and financiers in new markets. Anything you want to do to achieve this goal will be your responsibility.

VinciWorks is a Jerusalem-based tech company that builds software used by 150 of the largest law firms in the world (and over 80,000 users). Our product line includes e-learning courses for lawyers and online tools for legal compliance (basically tools that save lawyers time by automating tasks that they hate but must do by law).

VinciWorks has a sales team in London, a software development team in India and a bunch of people in Israel.

If you are looking for a hands-on development experience in the gaming industry then this 4 month internship is for you. At Sick-kick you will have the opportunity to gain experience in several aspects of the development process including game testing, design, and marketing.

Side-kick is a start-up company that specializes in motion controlled games. Side-Kick offers complete games, working prototypes as well as production and development services for various platforms and needs.

Software Development Internship in IsraelServi.to is looking for a talented software developer who has a knack for producing well-thought out code and strives to ensure users have a great experience.

The intern will work directly with Servi.to’s well-experienced CTO to develop Servi.to SDK for Android and a web dashboard. The CTO and co-founder has extensive background at development in various companies (from enterprises to startups) and can contribute greatly to young developers. He also has a vast knowledge at many development languages and methodologies.

Servi.to is part of The Junction accelerator and Google Launch Pad alumni, and can expose the interns to the great people of the Israeli startup scene. Servi.to is going to be the next way customers will communicate with companies, and the intern could be part of that success! Great opportunity to work in a smart and fun environment.

Servi.to is an early stage start-up which was founded in 2013. Servi.to attended “Wave 9″ of The Junction Accelerator in Tel Aviv and is currently situated at the Google Tel Aviv Campus. Servi.to is a platform that helps businesses to increase customer engagement and satisfaction among their mobile users. The platform comprised of a native mobile SDK and a cloud-based dashboard.

Servi.to’s Mobile SDK allows the business to easily and seamlessly extend their application to include a personal messaging area where customers can communicate with the business while keeping with their daily tasks. Servi.to provides the business with a web based communication dashboard, in addition to plug-ins to the major CRM platforms and an open API.

As an intern you will take part in legal and/or economic comparative research that will be part of the Forum’s policy papers. You will be given the opportunity to attend meetings in the Knesset and expert conferences on major policy issues every few weeks.

The Kohelet Policy Forum is a non-partisan entity established by Professor Moshe Koppel, who now serves as the Forum’s Chairman, together with several leading Israeli academics, public intellectuals and activists. It relies on private donations and does not accept direct or indirec public funds from any government, domestic or foreign. The Forum’s legislative research, policy papers, and other researc- based products are offered to Israeli decision makers free of charge. The Forum maintains an open door policy and is always on the lookout for likeminded people who are working to strengthen Israel through ideas and innovation.

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