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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

ICT is looking for an intern to join the research team and take responsibility for gathering and analyzing data and information from various intelligence sources. As a member of this team, you will assist in evaluating data and recommending solutions and policies. As part of this unique team you be supporting the efforts to prevent terrorism.

ICT is an organization facilitating international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism. ICT also serves as a joint forum for international policymakers to share information through research and academic publications for worldwide distribution.

Intern in Jerusalem through Masa Israel Journey

The intern will work on creating marketing materials for identified markets and customers, including putting together various materials, brochures, technical documents, and more.


Obligatory: Background in sales. Computer savvy. Outside-of-box thinker, creative, pro-active, not afraid to initiate. Excellent writing skills and organization capabilities.

Advantage:  Abilities in graphic design; familiarity with textile industry.

Argaman Technologies is the world’s most innovative company in manufacturing permanently self-sterilizing, flame-proof, multipurpose yarns and fabrics. Argaman is an Israeli company putting Israeli high-tech into textiles.

T.A.R.A. is looking for an intern who will help the company to expand its international presence and enhance its capabilities in the following ways:
1. Assist current international clients which invest in the Israeli market.
2. Brainstorm, build and execute, together with the relevant staff, a comprehensive plan to empower clients’ cooperation with International actors, mainly in the philanthropic world.
3. Cooperate with international actors and assist clients’ work, organize conferences, coordinate visits by different delegations and form friends associations.
4. Conduct a research about relevant funds that might be relevant to clients, as well as file relevant applications in coordination with the client’s PoC.
5. Create marketing materials in English for the company and its clients.

T.A.R.A is looking for a candidate who has the following characteristics:
1. Eloquent writing skills.
2. Hard-working team player.
3. The ability to think out-of-the-box.
4. Experience with research and data management.
5. Experience with fundraising or resource development.
6. Understanding of the current trends in the Israel Philanthropy world.

T.A.R.A. is a boutique Strategic Consulting firm, working with the top management of leading organizations. T.A.R.A specializes in regulatory processes in Israel, government relations, large-scale project management, crises management, negotiations and organizational decision making. T.A.R.A believe s that governance and governmental affairs are professional fields of practice like any other. Work in these fields demands relevant professional background and experience. Building on their extensive public experience, T.A.R.A. assists their clients in reaching out to the government in Israel through the use of the relevant professional language and through the use of the working method that was developed by T.A.R.A.

T.A.R.A’s method, which includes a complete analysis of the governmental and regulatory map relevant to the issue at hand, alongside with setting attainable goals with the client and the search for relevant strategic non-governmental partnerships has yielded far reaching results. Their solutions today affect the changes that form the shape of Israel’s tomorrow in various fields from public health, health care reform, Haredi population involvement in the labor market, local economic development, higher education, national youth movements, national holocaust remembrance, empowerment of senior citizens and much more. T.A.R.A also provides consulting to some of Israel’s biggest and most influential municipalities and local authorities, as well as Israel’s leading NGOs.

T.A.R.A. is headed by Mr. Oved Yehezkel who served as the Cabinet Secretary for the Israeli Government (2007-2009), under former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Among his responsibilities, he served as Cabinet spokesperson, supervised the Cabinet and various ministerial committee agendas, and coordinated between all members of government. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff, Head of the Prime Minister’s team of Advisers, and as a personal adviser to Mr. Olmert from the days he served as the Mayor of Jerusalem.

Hospitality Internship through Masa Israel Journey

As an intern, you will gain experience in customer service, guest relations, administrative work, food and beverage service in the hotel restaurants, and banqueting.

Overlooking Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park and the Old City, the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is one of the finest and most luxurious hotels in the city. Combining a sophisticated elegance with warmth and comfort, the Inbal offers a range of suites to match every kind of visit – from family vacations to large conferences and weddings.

As a Fellow at I.S.A., you will complete a substantial research project in the field of financial securities regulation and have the opportunity to present you findings to decision-makers within and outside the ISA. While this is the primary task, you may also be asked to assist other researchers within the economics department in their work, and attend conferences, seminars and meetings in finance and securities regulation.

The Israel Securities Authority was established in 1968 to protect the interests of the investing public. Among other things, the Authority fights securities fraud, use of inside information and secreting material information from investors.

HonestReporting seeks a PC-savvy enthusiast of technology who has the skills and motivation to support and develop the various software and hardware platforms that HonestReporting relies on to fulfill its mission – making sure Israel is fairly covered by the international media. Our intern will work to support the HR staff in their content creation projects – uploading files, fixing problems in documents, making sure online content appears properly, maintaining HonestReporting’s media channels (website, e-mail newsletters, social media outlets, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter) and assist with uploading and promoting content. Our intern will also research, compare and test new technologies and platforms in order to promote our content in new ways.

HonestReporting monitors the news for bias, inaccuracy, or other breach of journalistic standards in coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It also facilitates accurate reporting for foreign journalists covering the region.

As an intern for the Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University, you will be assisting with the digitization of the archive of modern Jewish art. This involves transferring information from hard copies on to a database. Doing so, you will be discovering a broad range of paintings, drawings, sculpture and architecture within the Jewish tradition. Such a position is ideal for students of history of art and architecture.

The center for Jewish art is a research center that was founded in purpose to preserve the artistic heritage of the Jewish people. For over thirty years the center has documented Jewish art from all over the world.

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research through Masa Israel Journey

Based in Haifa, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR) is offering different kinds of internships to participants with all different kinds of background. If you have studied biology, zoology, marine biology or anything else concerning the work and research of seas and lakes, you will have the opportunity to work with IOLR researchers and learn a lot more about Israeli ecosystems.

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research is a national research institution (non-profit governmental corporation) established in 1967 with the mission of generating knowledge for sustainable use and protection of Israel’s marine, coastal and freshwater resources. IOLR conducts scientific research in the fields of oceanography, limnology, mariculture and marine biotechnology.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to become part of a global network team.  As an intern, your primary responsibilities will include assisting  with social media, organizing global events and summits, assisting in introductions between community members, and creating partnerships for the organization.

StarTau, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center, was established in 2009 in order to serve Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on TAU students and alumni. StarTau is a non-profit organization that assists businesses and entrepreneurs from a variety of business fields.

crosswiseThe intern will research, design and implement the company’s core cross device matching technology; utilize cutting-edge research done in the academy for advanced data mining techniques; develop systems that continuously learn; and evaluate the performance of the algorithms and improve them accordingly.

Crosswise provides a real-time service that identifies users across their devices (home PC, work PC, smartphone, and tablet). The service will be used initially by media buyers to target users across multiple devices with future expansion into analytics, reporting and attribution.

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