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Customized Internships

Customized internships

Looking for an internship that’s designed exactly for your interests? We can build it for you!

Ready to get started? Start building a customized internship in Israel now.

Or, click on the interest areas below to browse through examples of custom internships we’ve built in the past. Then, if you’re interested, click through to start customizing your own internship based on what interests you most.

And remember, if you’re not interested in designing your own internship, you can also browse through our already-designed featured internships here.

Customize an internship in the following interest areas

Non-Profit & Social Change
Marketing, Advertising or PR
Jewish Communal Organizations
Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion
Environment / Clean-tech
Media and Journalism
Bio-tech & medical
Business & Finance
Science & Engineering Government
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    Alli Green - Non-Profit & Social Change