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Funding you could be eligible for:
$3,000 or more.

If you have at least one Jewish grandparent and are between 18 and 31 years old, you could be eligible for $3,000 of funding (or more) for five months. Funding can vary with your age, and the length and type of your program—but don’t worry, our staff is here to help you navigate funding options and any questions.

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Stage Manager, Nephesh Theatre - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="nephesh theatre"As a Stage Manager at Nephesh Theatre, you will gain international theater experience, as well as the skills and confidence necessary to become a professional state manager.

The intern’s responsibilities include:
-Attending rehearsals
-Traveling with shows
-Stage managing select productions
-Writing rehearsal notes, including the blocking and props tracking
-Helping actors when needed
-Miscellaneous tasks such as ironing and helping set props

-Experience in stage management

The Nephesh Theatre was founded in 1978 as the only professional Jewish theatre operating in Canada at that time.  After staging over 30 theatrical and television productions in Canada, the company base was relocated to Israel.  The Nephesh Theatre productions reflects a plurality of beliefs, depicting different communities within Israeli society that must develop a common language and achieve mutual respect. The plays also mirror conflicts permeating Israeli society–between religious and secular, the immigrant and veteran Israeli, between Arab & Jew, emphasizing common bonds rather than dwelling on differences.


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International and Public Relations Coordinator, Co-Pro: The Israel Documentary Screen Market - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="co-pro israel documentary screen market"Co-Pro: The Israel Documentary Screen Market seeks an International and Public Relations Coordinator to assist the organization in networking, fundraising and marketing activities.

The intern will be responsible for:
-Researching potential contacts in the global Jewish community
-Developing an outreach strategy for Jewish communal contacts abroad
-Maintaining relationships with organizations and contacts from abroad
-Assisting in fundraising activities such as letter and grant writing
-Writing newsletters and press releases
-Website, social media, and data content development and maintenance

-Previous experience in administrative work, marketing, PR, development
-Familiarity with social media network

CoPro – The Documentary Marketing Foundation – has been promoting the marketing of Israeli documentary films outside of Israel for 15 years. CoPro promotes documentary creativity in Israel by bringing in investors from outside of Israel. The guests are leading television commissioning editors from the most prestigious channels in the world, network executives, international film fund managers, directors of film festivals, leading global producers and distributors of documentary films from all over the world. CoPro, a not-for-profit organization functioning as a foundation, is the first and only organization doing this kind of work in Israel.


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Research and Development Internship, America- Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF) - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="america israel cultural foundation aicf"The America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF) seek a Research and Development Intern to contribute to the foundation’s work in arts and arts education policy in Israel and internationally.

The intern’s tasks will include:
-Research, both policy- and fundraising-related
-Development and fundraising
-Event production
-Writing and editing promotional materials
-Logistical support as needed

The ideal candidate is highly motivated, hardworking and excited to learn.

-Background in arts or arts management preferred
-Experience in cultural policy and/or event production a plus

The America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF) supports artistic life in Israel. Since 1939, AICF has played a leading role in helping develop and fund many of Israel’s largest cultural institutions. Most of Israel’s finest artists in every discipline have received assistance from AICF. Among those supported: Itzhak Perlman, Menashe Kadishman, Pinchas Zukerman, Gil Shaham, Yefim Bronfman, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Museum, and the Batsheva Dance Company.


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Creative Production Assistant, Rainbow Productions - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="rainbow productions"The Creative Production Assistant will gain experience in all aspects of video production, from video work in the field to post-production in the studio.

The intern will be responsible for:
-Treatment  and development
-Videography and general production
-Editing and post-production

-Familiarity with editing software (Premier Pro, Edius)
-Experience in camera work and TV/film production

Rainbow Productions is a small video production company in Tel Aviv, producing online video campaigns, documentaries, shorts, music videos, and more. Established in 2007, Rainbow Productions has been working to provide the services of production, directing, filming, editing, after effects and animation for full length movies, advertisements, promos and more. A high quality and warm service, alongside creativeness and innovation – are the values to guide us in each project and with every customer.


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PR and Communications Internship, Israel Tennis Centers - Provided by WUJS Israel  

israel tennis centerIsrael Tennis Centers’ PR and Communications Intern, will be responsible for much of the organization’s English language publicity and social media.

The intern’s tasks will include:
-Social media management
-Translating and posting all Hebrew web content to the English site
-Translating other Hebrew documents into English as needed
-Writing all English news articles and blog posts
-Creating a news archive section on the organization’s website
-Attending and/or photographing tournaments, presentations, ceremonies, events, etc.
-Editing and reformatting photos as needed
-Social Media Management

The Israel Tennis Center (ITC), a non–profit organization, has worked for 35 years to enhance the social, psychological, and physical development of Israeli youth through the medium of sport. The center provides a healthy and structured environment for children from all walks of life, teach values of cooperation, self reliance and persistence, and provide opportunities for every child to reach his or her own level of excellence.

To meet its goals and aspirations, the Israel Tennis Center operates 14 centers complete with cutting edge courts and facilities, and caters to 21,000 children each week. Most of Centers are located in disadvantaged neighborhoods or outlying development towns throughout Israel, from Kiryat Shmona on the Lebanese border in the North to Beer Sheva bordering the Negev Desert in the South.


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Foreign Relations Internship, Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="suzanne dellal centre for dance and theatre"The Suzanne Della Centre for Dance and Theatre seeks a Foreign Relations Intern to promote the Centre and its company around the world.

The intern will be responsible for:
-Recruiting international dance companies to perform at the Centre in Israel
-Logistics and planning for the Centre’s company performances at international festivals

-Passion for Dance
-Experience in administrative and logistical work

The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre is Israel’s home for dance and the premier presenter of Israeli and international contemporary dance companies.


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International Affairs Division Internship, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel (FLAI) - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="federation of local authorities in israel"The International Affairs Division Internship provides an invaluable experience in public diplomacy and governance.

The division tracks and brings to the attention of the local authorities information regarding international competitions, initiatives for joint projects, professional conferences and exhibitions in municipal fields, and actively creates opportunities for urban economic development.

As such, the intern will aid the International Affairs Division in the following areas:
-Researching and identifying events
-Communicating with host organizations
-Promoting events among local municipal leadership

The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel is a government body which incorporates all municipalities and local councils in Israel. The Federation was established in 1938, a decade before the State of Israel was established, under the name “Commonwealth of Local Authorities”. It was officially registered as an Ottoman association, and was recognized by the Mandate government as a body which represents the local Hebrew authority in the land.


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Media Monitoring Internship, APCO Worldwide - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="apco worldwide"The APCO Worldwide Media Monitoring Intern will provide administrative support to project staff and assist in preparing presentations, mailings, events and other projects.

Daily tasks include:
-Conducting industry and/or client research
– Media monitoring
– Research
– Event coordination
– Drafting client materials
– Translating documents

-Fluent in English
-Excellent writing skills
-Some relevant professional or intern experience
-Organizational skills and ability to multi-task under tight deadlines
-Ability to work as part of a team and independently
-Creative and strategic thinker
-Professional demeanor and ability to respect confidentiality requirements
-Proficiency in MS Office

By fusing the experience and creativity of our people with in-depth stakeholder insight and innovation, we deliver the results our clients need to succeed in business and in a global society. APCO experts anchor their thinking in a deep understanding of our clients’ business. From that foundation, we help our clients look ahead while meticulously implementing communication strategies that deliver the impact they seek today. We help our clients see clearly, speak authentically and act decisively.


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Textile Lab Internship, Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="shenkar engineering design art"As a Textile Lab Intern at Shenkar, you will help test the quality of various textile materials that customers, usually companies, have ordered from the lab.

Some knowledge of textiles is required.

“Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art” has established itself as one of the leading colleges in Israel. Every year, Shenkar’s graduates find themselves in the forefront of research and the industry, exhibit their works, participate in competitions and win prestigious awards.

Combining faculties of engineering, design and art is the basis of this institution’s unique multidisciplinary academics, allowing students and professors to combine cutting-edge technologies with contemporary design and artistic concepts. Each faculty has its own character, yet maintains fruitful collaborations with the other faculties, exposing students to a variety of disciplines and different fields of knowledge.


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Production Assistant, Hop! TV - Provided by WUJS Israel  

hoptv-logoThe Production Assistant will work on a variety of Hop! TV programs, including “Rechov Sumsum,” Israel’s version of “Sesame Street.”

The intern’s tasks will include:
-Puppet wrangling
-Drafting production book/deliverables
-Researching  fabrication manufacturers
-Preparing presentation bids
-Assisting in post-production, as needed

-Previous experience in TV/film production

Hop! TV is an Israeli television channel dedicated to creating original entertainment and educational programming for all children across the country.


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Fashion Design Internship, Victor Bellaish - Provided by WUJS Israel  

The Fashion Design Intern will have the opportunity to develop his or her technique and design skills, work with a variety of materials, and learn about the Israeli fashion industry.

The intern will assist the design and construction of garments. Specifically, s/he will be responsible for:
-Cutting pieces of lace
-Sewing trims and lace onto garments
-Adding crystals, stones and pearls
-Steaming dresses for pickup

-Degree in fashion design
-Experience in evening wear design
-Hard worker

Victor Bellaish is an Israeli bridal and evening gown designer.


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Quality Assurance Internship, Side-Kick Games - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="side kick games"Side-Kick Games seeks a Quality Assurance Intern to play-test beta trials of  various video games and manage the company website.

The intern will be responsible for:
-Play-testing games for bugs
-Evaluating games’ mechanics
-Presenting  your findings as needed
-Web design and management

– Experience in computer programming and web design required
-Art degree and 3D modelling experience preferred
-Knowledge of video games a plus

Side-Kick Games is one of the largest and most experienced game development studios in Israel, focusing on casual and mid-core games. Side-Kick was started in 2010 by veteran gaming industry entrepreneurs in Israel. Since its inception, Side-Kick creates games for cutting edge technologies and platforms including: Virtual Reality head-sets, Xbox360 Kinect, motion controlled PCs, and touch screen based kiosks, as well as phones and tablets for game publishers and blue-chip technology partners.

Side-Kick’s close ties with its partners as well as unparalleled hands-on development experience, provide the company with unique access to faster development cycles and the ability to create ground-breaking games.


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Photographer, Keith Glassman Photography - Provided by WUJS Israel  

keith glassmanKeith Glassman Photography seeks a photographer to assist in setting up the studio for shoots, editing photos, and occasionally taking photos during shoots.

-Background in studio art and photography
-Professional photography experience required

Keith Glassman was born in Brooklyn, raised in New York and attended the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. Today, he primarily shoots for advertisements, catalogs, magazines, packaging and corporate brochures. He is known for his keen sense of composition and lighting, and for his eye for design, which he developed while growing up around the graphic design industry.


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Producer, The Stage - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="the stage tel aviv"The Producer will attend The Stage’s board meetings and have the opportunity to promote his or her own community project.

The intern will also work in one of the following areas:

-Hardworking and motivated self-starter
-Passionate about performing arts
-Previous experience in the field
– Ability to multi- task
-Flexible schedule and willingness to work evenings and weekends

Established in 2013, The Stage is the central resource for English language performing arts in Tel Aviv and a registered Israeli non-profit. Providing year-round programming, the Stage creates a platform for anyone to turn artistic ambition, small or large, into reality.


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Operations and Risk Internship, JB Commodities - Provided by WUJS Israel  

JB Commodities seeks an intern to assist its Operations and Risk departments.

The intern will prepare daily transaction statements of all the previous day’s transactions. This entails:
-Match the transactions with the brokers
-Ensuring that commissions and trades are consistent with the brokers’ actual executions
-Delivering send the daily statement to the Operations Department

The intern will also contribute in closing-out trading positions. S/he may also have the opportunity to make trades and get his own trading desk, depending on experience and skills.

-B.A in Finance required

JB Commodities is an Israeli commodities trading firm.


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Mapping and Geoinformatics Internship, Survey of Israel (MAPI) - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="survey of israel internship"Survey of Israel seeks a Mapping and Geoinformatics Intern to edit and proofread maps by hand. The intern will also work on various small projects related to the national geographic information system (GIS). The GIS serves as a basis for planning and execution of engineering projects, navigation, defense, emergency management, environmental problems, research and development, and tourism.

-Basic knowledge of mapping

Survey of Israel is the government agency for mapping, geodesy, cadastre and geoinformatics. The Survey is responsible for the national infrastructure in these areas as well as for a number of official functions.


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Architecture Internship, Israelevitz Architects - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="israelevitz architects"Israelevitz Architects seek an Architecture Intern to assist in planning and preparation for the construction of two luxury homes in the Alta Mesa Valley.

-Use preliminary sketches, California zoning codes, and slope contour maps to conduct a topographic survey with a slope analysis
-Develop plans, elevations, and sections according to sketches as well as additional preliminary documents
-Work in coordination with the firm’s lead architect and visualization artist in order to create 3D renderings for two luxury homes in the Alta Mesa Valley

-Understanding of construction documents
-Prior experience using AutoCAD

Dan and Hila Israelevitz’ architecture office was established in 1997; throughout the years we have completed numerous projects of various categories, such as saturated construction, private construction, public construction and internal design. Our main specialization is construction of luxurious private houses.


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Research Assistant, Sackler School of Medicine – Tel Aviv University - Provided by WUJS Israel  

atl="tel aviv university sackler school of medicine"As a Research Assistant at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine, you will work with Dr. Yona Keisari. A faculty member of the Department of Human Microbiology, Dr. Keisari’s  research involves testing immunological systems in mice for application in human cancers.

Your daily tasks will include:
-Reading research articles on topics in the lab’s field of study
-Histology and preparing cells in the hood
-Working with animal test subjects (ie, measuring tumor size, performing surgery or electrochemical treatments, etc.)

You may also have the opportunity to sit in on medical school lectures and courses.

-Pre-med background
-Knowledge of cell biology, immunology, and pathology advantageous, but is not necessary if one is willing to put in the extra work to learn these things outside of the internship

The Sackler School of Medicine New York State/American Program of Tel Aviv University is a partnership between the United States and Israel that has existed since 1976. Our program has trained approximately two thousand talented men and women who have become some of the finest physicians in the world.


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Content Writer, Oleh! Records - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="oleh records israel"Oleh! Records seeks a music lover to create and curate content for the company website.

The Content Writer will be responsible for:
-Identifying newsworthy updates from Israeli bands
-Attending concerts in Tel Aviv and writing reviews
-Interviewing bands and writing articles for the website

Oleh! Records is a non-profit Israeli music export organization that helps Israeli bands gain international exposure through a global network of music industry professionals and communities abroad.


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Research Internship, International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="international institute for counter terrorism"The Research Intern at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) will contribute to the work of one of the world’s leading research institutes on counter-terrorism under the supervision of an ICT researcher.

The intern will assist in both researching and writing and may have the opportunity to have his or her work published.

-Candidates must submit writing sample for review by ICT staff

The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at the IDC Herzliya is one of the leading academic institutes for counter-terrorism in the world, facilitating international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism. ICT is an independent think tank providing expertise in terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, threat vulnerability and risk assessment, open intelligence analysis and national security and defense policy.


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Data Analysis Internship, Aveeram WWS - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="aveeram wws"Aveeram WWS seeks a Data Analysis Intern to create code and analyze data from wind speed and direction.

Additional responsibilities include:
-Organizational tasks
-Writing and/or translating documents and emails in English

-Knowledge of MATLAB required

Aveeram WWS nitiates and aggregates medium to large scale onshore wind projects in Israel, Italy, and the UK. The company has been involved in developing and operating almost  900MW of wind turbine energy.


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Hair and Makeup Artist, The Cameri Theatre - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="cameri theatre"The Cameri Theatre seeks a Hair and Makeup Artist to assist the Hair and Makeup Manager.

-Creating, washing and styling wigs
-Preparing the make-up boxes for each actor
-Attending dress rehearsals
-Shadowing hair and makeup artists as they prepare actors for show time

-Backstage theater work experience, preferably in hair and makeup

The Cameri Theatre, the Tel Aviv municipal theatre, was founded in 1944.  It is considered  the largest and most prolific theatre in Israel. Each year the Cameri stages up to twelve  new productions, together with twenty productions from previous seasons. The theatre is located in the center of Tel Aviv. All the productions run there in its 5 auditoriums. The Cameri also  has a touring company that brings its productions to the periphery, throughout Israel.


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Writer, Haaretz - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="haaretz internship"Haaretz seeks a Writer to moderate its Talkbacks section. The intern will also assist in researching and editing and have opportunities to work on his or her own stories.

For those seeking a career in journalism, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain experience and see your by-line in one of the most respected newspapers in the world.

-Completion of a writing assignment to be reviewed and approved by Haaretz staff members

Haaretz is Israel’s leading daily newspaper and the oldest daily in Hebrew. It is generally considered one of the most respected newspapers in the world. Currently led by editor-in-chief Aluf Benn and publisher Amos Schocken, Haaretz has more than 2,000 employees on its payroll, among them 600 in the editorial department. Haaretz has more reporters per readership than any newspaper in the world, producing a first class news daily in broadsheet format.


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Chocolatier, Roy Chocolate - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="roy chocolate chocolatier intern masa israel"As a Chocolatier at Roy Chocolate, you will not only learn the practical skills needed for the industry, but you will also get the hands-on experience necessary when pursuing a future in culinary arts.

The intern will be responsible for:
-Tempering chocolate
-Baking cakes and cupcakes
-Making ganache and chocolate liquor

Roy Chocolate is a boutique chocolate factory that specializes in an assortment of chocolate treats such as handmade pralines, truffles, and cakes. The factory works according to the highest international standards of ISO, HACCP & BRC.


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Film Production Internship, Highlight Films - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="highlight films"Highlight Films seeks an experienced Film Production Intern to assist with editing, website management, and social media, as well as film shoots, photography and videography. The intern will gain experience in all aspects of the film making process as well as the inner-workings of a film production company.

Highlight Films is the leading film and video production house in Israel. We provide full production services for international productions of news reports, documentary films, corporate and commercial videos, as well as independent feature films produced in Israel and the Palestinian Authority areas.

Our client base includes production companies, broadcasters, commercial companies and public organizations from all over the world.


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Editorial Internship, Time Out Israel - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="time out israel"As an Editorial Intern at Time Out Israel, you will gain a true understanding of what it means to be a journalist.

You’ll be responsible for:
-Copy editing, proofreading, and fact checking
-Researching and writing about cultural events across the country
-Creating and curating social media content

Time Out helps more than 33 million people across the globe to make the most of their cities by providing detailed information about events, culture, entertainment and leisure. Timeout.co.il is under the umbrella of Time Out Tel Aviv, Time Out Israel’s weekly, Hebrew edition and a host of services, activities and media are included as well (mobile applications; supplemental unique content; city guides, activity on social networks, event planning, etc.)


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Research Analyst, Oppenheimer Israel - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="oppenheimer israel"As an Oppenheimer Israel Research Analyst, you will be responsible for researching and/or summarizing reports that the company receives. The topics can range from yearly outlook reported by companies like JP Morgan to using a Bloomberg terminal to determine if there is a correlation between the spot price of gold in USD compared to other currencies.

-BA in Finance required

Oppenheimer is the leading provider of global brokerage services to the Israeli Institutional market.

Since 1881 Oppenheimer has provided investors with the necessary expertise and insight to meet the challenge of achieving their financial goals. Our commitment to our clients’ investment needs, our experienced and dedicated professionals, and our proud tradition empower us to deliver effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

Oppenheimer is a leading investment Bank in the US for over 125 years, operating in 80 locations across the U.S., and in 3 continents across the world, with offices located in London, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tel-Aviv.

Together with the Oppenheimer USA group, the Tel-Aviv office services the leading Israeli financial institutions: banks, brokers, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and portfolio managers.


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Marketing Internship, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art - Provided by WUJS Israel  

alt="noga gallery of contemporary art israel"The Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art seeks a creative and passionate Marketing Intern to promote the gallery on social media and in the press

The intern will be responsible for:
-Social media management
-Pitching stories and establishing relationships with Israeli and international art blogs and journals
-Setting up new exhibitions
-Attending exhibition openings

The Marketing Intern will also have the opportunity to network with some of Israel’s top artists and art professionals.

he Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art was established in 1994, designed for ground-breaking artists working across media. The gallery maintains an ambitious program of exhibitions by Israeli and international artists, introducing and supporting artists at earlier stages in their career, who work in the media of performance, painting, photography, film, video art and installation.


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