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Institutional Brokerage and Trading Associate, Meitav Dash Investment House

- Provided by Career Israel

alt="meitav dash investment"The Institutional Brokerage and Trading Associate will trade in the Tel Aviv stock market (TA-100 Index) and perform sector and macro analyses of the Israeli economy.

Intern’s tasks will include:
-Collating relevant information and data
-Determining market sentiment via research, valuation and data analysis
-Monitoring USA and international market performance

-Native English speaker
-Background in finance, accounting and/or international properties

Meitav Dash is owned by the BRM Group and Mr. Zvi Stepak. It is one of the leading and largest Investment Houses in Israel. Meitav Dash has decades of experience and is led by Mr. Ilan Raviv with the help of approximately 800 devoted and dedicated employees.

We manage over 37 Billion Dollars for private, business and institutional clients. Each one of our clients enjoys a full array of savings and investments products that are tailored made, such as Mutual and Pension Funds along with Managed Portfolios.


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