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Research Analyst, Oppenheimer Israel

- Provided by WUJS Israel

alt="oppenheimer israel"As an Oppenheimer Israel Research Analyst, you will be responsible for researching and/or summarizing reports that the company receives. The topics can range from yearly outlook reported by companies like JP Morgan to using a Bloomberg terminal to determine if there is a correlation between the spot price of gold in USD compared to other currencies.

-BA in Finance required

Oppenheimer is the leading provider of global brokerage services to the Israeli Institutional market.

Since 1881 Oppenheimer has provided investors with the necessary expertise and insight to meet the challenge of achieving their financial goals. Our commitment to our clients’ investment needs, our experienced and dedicated professionals, and our proud tradition empower us to deliver effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

Oppenheimer is a leading investment Bank in the US for over 125 years, operating in 80 locations across the U.S., and in 3 continents across the world, with offices located in London, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tel-Aviv.

Together with the Oppenheimer USA group, the Tel-Aviv office services the leading Israeli financial institutions: banks, brokers, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and portfolio managers.


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