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Trade Internship, Theta 1 Investment House

- Provided by Top Israel Interns

As a Trade Intern at Theta 1, you will learn how a successful mutual fund operates. You will work within a mutual fund that specialize in the trading of options, and develop understanding of how options work, why we use them, and how different option trading strategies can be used in order to make risk-controlled profit given any market condition, through both learning from and shadowing the traders.

In addition, you may be responsible for researching the benefits of alternative investment strategies as well as learning about and researching other trading/investment strategies that can be used to help increase the returns of the different funds within Theta 1 in the future. You will also learn the basics of technical analysis within the currency futures market.

Theta 1 Is an investment house located in the center of the German Colony Jerusalem. The company is manages investment portfolios for both private and business clients as well as mutual funds.


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