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Assistant to the Legal Advisor for International Affairs, Legal Advisor’s Office – Ministry of Economy

- Provided by Israel Government Fellows

alt="israel ministry of economy"The Assistant to the Legal Advisor for International Affairs at the Ministry of Economy, will work on international trade related issues.

The Assistant’s will be repsonsible for a braod range of activities, including:
-Writing briefs
-Participating in meetings and negotiating sessions with representatives of other countries
-Taking an active role in preparations for negotiating sessions with representatives of foreign countries
-Assisting in matters relating to international trade negotiations currently being held between Israel and several different trading partners
-Carrying out extensive comparative studies

-High proficiency in English
-Strong research skills
-Legal background or experience in paralegal work extremely beneficial
-Interest in international negotiations and trade
-Background in Economics, International Relations or other related fields is beneficial

The Department serves as the legal advisor to the various departments of the Ministry. The Ministry’s activities cover a wide range of subjects including industry, trade and labor issues. The fellow will be working mostly on issues related to foreign trade, including international trade agreements.

Please note: Israel Government Fellows does not conduct their internship placement process until all participants have been formally accepted. For this reason, IGF cannot guarantee applicants a particular internship position prior to their acceptance. However, the placement process is influenced primarily by participants’ preferences.

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