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Solidarity of Nations – Achvat Amim Human Rights Volunteering in Jerusalem

Solidarity of Nations – Achvat Amim Human Rights Volunteering in JerusalemAchvat Amim aims to bring people together who are motivated to make real change in the world around them. Achvat Amim and their partners connect participants to projects that aim to end racism, violence and inequality as an essential building block for a society based on values that are central to Judaism such as justice, equity, and peace.

Working with Rabbis for Human Rights
First and foremost, participants will be working in a number of projects with Rabbis for Human Rights, an Israeli human rights organization that gives “voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights.” Some of the projects will have a social and educational focus, like working in a school or community center doing arts or language based education and empowerment work; others will be physical projects, like working with youth to design and build a community garden. You will work on projects individually, in small teams, and with the whole Achvat Amim group to ensure that you gain experience in various areas and that the work you do has real, positive impacts on the people you work with. Projects will be determined based on the skill sets and interest of the selected group and the needs of community partners.

Learning Spaces
Through learning sessions, lectures and participatory activities, the group will explore what it means to engage with a complex world as a Jewish person, renew the dialogue surrounding Zionism in the 21st century, and envision one’s role in the struggle for a society rooted in fairness and equality. Topics will range from Israeli politics and geography, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Zionist and Jewish philosophy to activism in the 20th century, community organizing practices, and economic theory. While Achvat Amim engages with Jewish thought and culture from a primarily secular perspective, the program will provide a multitude of perspectives in order to fully enrich the ongoing development of the conversation.

You are going to be living in Jerusalem – a city full of complexity and diverse cultural life. You will go to cafes and bars and art exhibits. You will join learning circles and celebrations. You will discover the connections and tensions between East and West Jerusalem, as well as the vast and very real meanings behind words such as conflict, occupation, peace, justice and self-determination. You will have meetings and go to work on your project. You will learn all over the city and all over the country.

For more information, visit the Achvat Amim program website, or contact the staff.

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